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Friday, 11 June 2010

COUNCIL employees banned from flying the flag for England

COUNCIL employees have been banned from flying the flag for England on the eve of the World Cup.
Thousands of Lancashire County Council workers have been told they are not allowed to display the cross of St. George on any vehicles or buildings.
Irate staff said they received a memo laying down the law, and unions have slammed the move, branding the county council 'killjoys'.
The order appears to go against Government wishes, after letters were sent to councils urging them not to be 'spoilsports' and to take a common sense approach to flag-flying during the tournament.
 For some reason they are afraid of upsetting somebody.”
The memo said the aim was to 'allow reasonable flexibility whilst retaining a professional response to our customers, both internal and external'.
It said there should be 'no displaying of flags in any LCC vehicle, no displaying of flags in any LCC building and no football shirts to be worn by staff at work'.
It appears to us at Horwich nationalists that the labour Council is perhaps submiting to the Muslim Power Block that ensures a Labour candidate or two by fair or foul means Perhaps?
But one thing for sure our British National Party Councillor Sharon WilkinsonSharon Wilkinson home page will be battling against this