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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Latest EHRC Court Case Update from Nick Griffin

EHRC Court Case Update from Nick Griffin

By Nick Griffin — Yesterday, the British National Party was in court again with the twisted leftwing fanatics of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Once again, this sinister Orwellian body —backed by all the Establishment parties — is using taxpayers’ money to try to cripple Britain’s only real opposition party.
Make no mistake, people like Trevor Phillips and EHRC’s legal director John Wadham are slippery players. Whilst at first they demanded that our leader and deputy leader be jailed for over matters which they hadn’t even raised in their earlier legal attack, they now seem to be back-peddling.
In the face of a clearly well-prepared BNP defence team, and perhaps now realising the backlash jailing the highly popular leader of the British National Party would create, they have now switched to demanding the ‘sequestration’ (i.e. seizure) of the party’s assets.
 Accordingly, the hearing yesterday was mainly to arrange to transfer the case from the County court to the High Court.
There are two crucial points to grasp here:
First, this is not a criminal hearing, subject to high levels of evidence of some kind of wrong-doing.
Instead, this is a civil action, the kind which can be brought without there being any case against the opposition. It’s not a matter of right and justice, it’s about using taxpayers’ money to abuse the legal system in order to persecute the British National Party.
Second, any sequestration on the issue of contempt of court is strictly temporary. Such a move can only stick if contempt is proven in court, and can only last while the defendants are in contempt of court.
The EHRC’s seventy taxpayer-funded lawyers know full well that their allegations that we are in contempt are extremely weak, being based on their own biased opinions and a highly suspect reading of the law. So provided we can afford to keep up the legal fight, they face an uphill struggle even to get the judgement they seek.
Even more important, they know that the BNP’s new constitution was designed precisely to deal with this kind of totally unjust, always moving the goalposts, attack. It gives the leader the power to change at the stroke of a pen anything the High Court does conclude is ‘unacceptable’ in today’s PC Britain. So even if we are held to be in contempt, which contempt can be undone (‘purged’) within minutes.
So the ‘threat’ of sequestration is in reality merely the EHRC’s reaction to their belated realisation that I am willing to go to prison meant they cannot win the case. So now they are trying to save face, to give Searchlight and its ‘useful idiots’ bogus grounds on which to criticise our leaders, and to bleed us of funds.
Fortunately, we can win this case, and so avoid the huge costs bill which is the last potential weapon they have. The good news is that we have already won the political, moral and constitutional battle. There is nothing they can do now to harm us organisationally. The only threat left is the question of costs, so that is why they are still coming for us even though it is pointless, and it is why we have to keep fighting.
The first step is to collect and submit our evidence, and to deal with theirs. Then we will be applying to force EHRC to drop their persecution of East Birmingham activist Tanya Lumby, who was wholly unnecessarily made a defendant even though she has nothing to do with it. We will then be applying for costs over that part of the action.
Meanwhile, we are in the final stages of working out a separate series of legal counter-attacks against the Equality Commissars. More news of this will be sent to you shortly.
So Round Two of this fight has begun. It will be a fight that will be waged with several things: determination, funds and tenacity. Determination and tenacity are not in short supply: Our enemies should know from my years as leader of the BNP that I will never give in, ever.
Have you wondered why they have launched this fresh assault now? Because they know that our party war chest is low after the election! It is time to rise up again and swing into action, and donations are urgently needed, that’s the bottom line.
I am the leader of this party and thus I am totally responsible for its future, so I won’t lie to you: we need donations urgently. Without your continued loyalty and generosity, we will be unable to keep our legal team in the field over the crucial weeks ahead. Properly funded, this is a fight we can win, but it is also one we could lose for lack of funds to pay for our legal ammunition.
We have two options: 1) sit and let them win judgement on a technicality and cripple us with costs, or 2) summon our British spirit once again and fight like lions in the proud tradition of our hero ancestors. I have chosen option 2, I hope you join me on the front lines because we will win this battle; our children’s futures are at stake. “We will defend our island no matter what the cost may be  . . . we will never surrender!”