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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Green Arrow I know I should not laugh

I know I should not laugh

Moslems Calling the BNP Nazi's at todays demo
As reported in a previous article, the moslems have decided to push "whitey" out of the UAF in the areas of the inner cities they control and run it their way but even the moslems know they need a few token whites, if the British People are not to see the truth.
Who are the real Nazi's
Turkish moslems supporting Palistinian Terrorists
Take today's violent protest in Tower Hamlets, which the reds described as "exuberant", at which the professional black, Weyman Bennet who was recently arrested for conspiracy to commit violence said(and this gave me a laugh);
“We keep hearing edl worried about good v bad muslims

“But it's not up to the racists to decide who is good or bad. They are Nazis."
So let us have a look at this "protest" that was held to silence the voice of those people concerned about the Islamification of Our Country.  Who was there and who spoke out for the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.
  • Trade Unions were represented by paid union officials from the NUT, CWU, Unison, PCS and Unite Unions.
  • The Council of Mosques
  • The Muslim Council of Britain
  • The Islamic Forum of Europe
  • National Union of Students
  • Searchlight
  • Black Students Campaign
  • Socialist Workers Party
  • UAF
The rally was also addressed by Motin Uz-Zaman, mayor of Tower Hamlets; Tower Hamlets councillor Abjol Miah; Steve Hart, regional organiser for the Unite union; Hugh Lanning, deputy general secretary, PCS union; Councillor Helal Abbas, leader of Tower Hamlets Council; John Biggs, London Assembly Member; Laura Maxwell, Jewish Council for Racial Equality; Rushanara Ali MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, and Tower Hamlets college lecturer Richard McEwan for the UCU union and last but not least George Galloway.

All the usual red rubbish, who really think they can control the moslems.  Boy they sure are stupid in mad marxist land.  Take the response to the fact that five white members of the UAF were attacked by the moslems and reported to have been stabbed.
Five Anti-Fascists on the way to the demo have been attacked by a large group of Asian youth reacting after the fear spread by the English Defence League.

Two have been taken to hospital with stab wounds, I'll post an update when I get it from my mate down in London.

This shows how much of a danger the EDL asre and why they must be opposed. They organise their demos and it gets the local Asians feeling angry. We need to reach out to Muslims communities and tell them that we show solidarity with them against the EDL.
Now personally I would not have cared if the five reds had been hacked to pieces.  It would serve them right for being brain dead reds but it is the way the reds blame the whites for the attacks on themselves by the moslems that gave me a laugh.
Anyhow they were not stabbed, as this later report, that had me, as well those attacked in stitches.  Fortunately my stitches were of laughter.

20.06.2010 14:40
They weren't stabbed, one was hit by a bottle the others were just beat up a bit. All are ok, the two in hospital are there for minor cuts and bruising.
And EDL, fuck off back to where you came from. This is your fault for causing tension in the communities.
Roll on floor laughing and what a great way to end my blogging day.