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Friday, 11 June 2010

Jobbik and Hungary's Agony

Jobbik and Hungary's Agony

The Hungarian People - "We only want a voice"
While the Pan European Federation is eager to condemn countries like Iran, Iraq, and Burma and so on for human rights violation, it remains silent about police brutality in Hungary--a member of the European Union and NATO. In the opening session of the EU parliament, the assembly didn't waste time to condemn the nations mentioned above, in the mean time, it played dumb when members of the assembly were reminded by Krisztina Morvai about the atrocities the criminal Hungarian regime has been committing against its own people on the ongoing basis.

What the European Marxist Federation dread after many years of preparation, planning, treaties and constitutions disguised as treaties is for a possible fracture or break up of the federation by a withdrawal of even one poor member of the federation. The obvious problem being it could have a domino effect throughout the region that might awaken the populace to the fact they have lost among many other things freedoms, self rule and control of their interest rates of their collective currency. It’s much like the old USSR that loses a satellite country that gains independence through internal struggle, no different.

In 2006, the Hungarian regime ordered police to shoot at protesters during a passive sit down protest. This was a crime against humanity and the EU should investigate the incident before worrying about human rights violation in Iran or anywhere else.

Roma immigration overload is a prime example of the plague affecting all countries of the Federation. Hungary’s unofficial estimates place the Roma at between 6-11 percent of the population of 10.8 million plus people. In many UK towns the percentage of immigrants would be similar, though in towns like Southall the percentage of immigrants is nearer 90% of the population. As yet the disparity throughout the whole of the UK has yet to reach Hungary’s frightening proportions, but time is a great leveller.

The history of Hungary, once a great power has been one of turmoil for centuries with invasions by Moguls and Ottoman Turks, it is beyond me to contemplate to write even a shot précis on Hungary’s rich history. Hungary is haemorrhaging again, this time it is the swamping of its country by Roma Gypsies.

The vicious Socialist government of Fidesz did not heed the concerns of the people which at the last election saw the Nationalist party Jobbik won 26 seats in parliament. The state controlled newspapers screamed ‘rightward swing has Fascist overtone’ Sound familiar? The result should give heart to the British National Party.

On Apr. 11, 2010 the centre-right Fidesz party won a landslide victory, winning 206 seats in the 386-member parliament and reducing the opposition MSZP to dust with only 28 seats. But despite slander, baseless accusations, downright lies and electoral fraud the ‘extreme’ right-wing ‘Movement for a Better Hungary’ (Jobbik), born after the 2006 protests, entered the parliament with 26 SEATS.

Jobbik has often been accused of indulging in hate speeches and racism, directed against the Roma people and their "predominant and overwhelming association’’ to ‘’certain criminological phenomena". Allegations abound that members of its civil neo-fascist ‘Hungarian Guard’ are linked to increasing attacks on the Roma in the countryside. Roma Gypsies who are now infesting Western Europe appear to be a race of thieves and beggars, Italy particularly is infested by Roma.

Jobbik has also been associated with anti-Semitic sentiments and openly propagates the irredentist cause of a ‘Greater Hungary’ to restore Hungary to its pre-World War I borders, an idea popularised earlier by Fidesz

GREEN ARROW N.B. Balasz Barcoszi, a researcher of information networks and cyber communities, says that Jobbik has utilised the Internet better than any other party to transmit its ideology. ‘’The party encourages and supports a wide network of sites and blogs which are not directly political but are all connected and constantly reproduce messages and information in favour of the party’s cause. He continues, THIS IS THE CLASSICAL WAY IN WHICH FAR-RIGHT PARTIES IN EUROPE DOMINATE CYBER SPACE……………. is that opposed to far left parties?

In a move more worthy of Zimbabwe, the Hungarian Supreme Court has ruled today to terminate an investigation by the National Electoral Commission (OVB), into Fidesz’s ruling party’s systematic criminal electoral fraud. Again, sound familiar? Jobbik has long questioned the party-political impartiality of the Hungarian judicial system, and its uncanny ability to follow whichever way the prevailing political wind, and potential for financial recompense, is blowing.

I suggest the reader might visit Jobbik’s home page below, its similarity to the UK’s corrupt political scene, fraudulent elections and use of the police as a political tool is uncanny. But the British police have yet to reach the animal savagery of the Hungarian police. Once the Marxist Dictatorship of the Pan European Federation is fully implemented Hungary’s present political scene could be YOUR future, if you show any dissent in opposing to the Orwellian ideology of the European Marxist Kommissars.

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