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Friday, 11 June 2010

Latest EU Commission Response - Balkanisation of Europe

Latest EU Commission Response - Balkanisation of Europe


Here is the response to questions to the Commission concerning the pseudo-religious cult of multiculturalism and its impact on the nation states of Europe.
by Nick Griffin (NI)
to the Commission
Subject: Balkanisation of Europe
Will the Commission confirm that it welcomes the Balkanisation and gradual extirpation of the peoples of the nation states of Europe via the imposition of multiculturalism? Does it also welcome the prospect of the indigenous peoples of the nation states becoming minorities in their ancestral homelands, outnumbered by the sum of newcomers who are not native to such lands? Does it welcome the inevitable dilution of their respective cultures and identities caused by the imposition of multiculturalism?

by Nick Griffin (NI)
to the Commission
Subject: Multiculturalism as a way to dilute identities
Will the Commission confirmWRITTEN QUESTION E-2055/10
that it regards multiculturalism as a means to facilitate EU governance by means of the dilution of the culture, heritage and identity that belong to the native peoples of each respective nation of Europe?

Joint reply given by Ms Vassiliou on behalf of the Commission

The Commission intends neither to impose cultural models on Member States nor to dilute national identities. On the contrary, as laid down in the Treaty, the Union contributes to the flowering of the cultures of the Member States, while respecting their national and regional diversity. It is in this perspective that the European Commission was instrumental in the adoption of the UNESCO Convention on Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in 2005. The Convention reaffirms the sovereign right of its parties to formulate and implement their cultural policies and to adopt measures to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions.