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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Diane Abbot Beyond Belief?

Beyond Belief?

Diane Abbot, standing for Labour leader
Yes I know she is the token, black, female candidate, I know the pundits say she doesn't stand a chance and that she only managed to gain enough nominations to stand for election as the next Labour leader so that there would be a "diverse" choice of candidates. I know all that .... but .....but...!!

All it takes is for Labour to do something really, really stupid (it wouldn't be the first time, they actually thought Brown was electable - and the Guardian is already worried) then the Con-dom Coalition collapses (it could easily happen) we could have another election within the next twelve months. Then, if enough idiots, led by the multi-culti zealots in the media, decide "Wow wouldn't it be really neat and politically correct to vote for a totally unqualified black Marxist!!", this women could be the Prime Minister of Britain in a year.

Crazy? beyond belief?, maybe, but it happened in America.