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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Nick griffin MEP Earning his corn in the EU Parliament

Earning his corn

Ever since Mr Griffin was elected, unlike other UK MEPs, he has taken the view that his role in the European Parliament should be more than just a question of ceremony. Instead, despite genuine hostility towards the concept of federal Europe, he has taken the opportunity to use the tools at his disposal rather than indulge in juvenile barracking or insulting of EU officials.
Once such arrow available in Nick's quiver is his ability to fire off questions as he sees fit to The Commission and The Council. Throughout their whole 5 year term, many so-called Eurosceptic British MEPs hardly generate a single question let alone one of genuine merit. Here you can see a selection from no less than seventeen questions submitted this week by Mr Griffin allowing you to be the judge of whether or not he is earning his corn. 
Will the Commission acknowledge that its policies in respect of freedom of movement and immigration are creating a condition of gross overpopulation in the UK and, therefore, congestion, pollution and pressure on scarce resources, all at vast cost to the environment?  
What advice/information has the British Foreign Office or its subsidiaries provided to the EU in respect of political opinion and parties within the UK that are hostile to EU membership?  
How are Commission papers and archives classified in terms of their importance and confidentiality?
Who, outside the Commission, is provided with facilities to study those papers and archives?
Do the Monet Professors obtain access to those papers and archives?
What facilities are in existence to permit historians to study those papers and archives?
Who are the custodians of those papers and archives and where are they housed?  
Where and when did Mr Barroso last meet Mr David Rockefeller?  
The recent Labour Government deliberately encouraged mass immigration into the UK.
Does the Commission agree with the views of an ex Labour Cabinet Minister that such high levels of immigration have adversely affected the pay and conditions of British workers?
What affect on British wages does the Commission believe will occur from the influx of Turkish workers, assuming Turkey joins the EU in line with the policy of the British Labour, Liberal Democratic and Conservative Parties?  
Kindly advise the nature of the representations on the part of senior representatives of the EU Commission and their agents to the previous British Labour Government (and to individual Ministers and agents thereof) in respect of that Government’s prior public intention to call a referendum over the Constitutional Treaty (which later became known as the Lisbon Treaty) – an intention which was subsequently abandoned. Kindly advise what representations and assurances were made by the British Government and its agents in respect of the referendum pledge to the EU and/or to the EU’s agents and representatives. In addition, what representations were made through the British Foreign Office in respect of the referendum pledge, both from EU sources and from the UK?   
In the light of the recent lodging of two anti-smoking cases by the EU Court in Luxembourg, will the Commission kindly advise whether it supports a ban on the sale of tobacco products in the EU?
If it does support a ban, perhaps it would also advise how it would suggest stamping out smoking, illegal trafficking and production?   Would the Commission agree that the consequences of a ban would be similar to the prohibition period in the USA and merely make a legal habit an illegal habit, which would require expensive police resources, whilst also depriving national exchequers of taxation revenues from tobacco?