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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Liverpool BNP Hits the Streets with Petition to Make St George’s Day a National Holiday

Hardworking activists from the British National Party’s Liverpool branch hit the streets of Huyton village last weekend to canvas support for a petition to make Saint George’s Day a national bank holiday.
According to a report on the new Liverpool BNP regional blog, the sunny Saturday afternoon’s activity in the busy village provoked a “fantastic” response.
“There was a constant stream of well wishing supporters, the majority of which were only too happy to sign. There were so many that we ran out of petition sheets and had to use the backs of the ones we had already filled in,” the Liverpool blog announced.
“We also handed out hundreds of ‘England is for Life, Not Just for Football’ leaflets which were also accepted with great enthusiasm.
“We commended people for flying their flags in support of the England team and urged them to keep the flags up after the World Cup is over to celebrate our nation’s great history,” the blog said.
“All in all it was a great day of action with a very encouraging response indeed.”