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Sunday, 13 June 2010

British National Party Activist confronts the Fascist State

British National Party Activist confronts the Fascist State

Good morning British National Party.  All I can say is, thank God for the actions of the British National Party's activists.  They are true patriots and if everyone were to display the courage in confronting the Fascist Establishment the way that Corsham Crusader, who filmed the above video does, then we would soon have Our Country back.

The video that was shot by BNP super activist Corsham Crusader, who I am also proud to call a personal friend speaks for itself but I will give you the background of the story anyway.

The gentleman whose car is being towed away had recently lost his job and whilst parking in Trowbridge in Wiltshire, one of the wheels was over the white line of the parking pay.  For this he received one of the illegal fixed penalty parking tickets issued by Wiltshire Council to raise revenue. 

When due to personal circumstances, he was unable to pay this fine his vehicle was clamped and £370 demanded in extortion fees.  If the guy could not pay £70 then how could he find £370(and rising)? But the "local authorities" that care so much for the rights of colonisers care nothing for the indigenous people - all they want from us is our blood.  I am also sure that some of us would be unable to put our hands on £370 within a few hours or even a few weeks and so The Establishment steals a £2,000 vehicle and makes a nice profit for itself.

Now I am wondering how much this shameful display of abuse of power cost us?  The bailiff, the police, the tow truck that had to drive over 60 miles to pick up and take the car away.  The administration costs and God only knows what other parasites are feeding off the former car owners misery.  No car - no job.  No job - No Car. 

Now I intend to get a little bit personal here.  Because without the support of the androgenous creature wearing the white shirt - who is in fact a woman and its bodyguard - the oh so diplomatic police officer, then the state could not function.

I have long known that there are creatures in our society that would work as concentration camp guards and this little turd in white would be quite happy to strut around with a club beating inmates of the camp just like Irma Grese, who swaggered around the Bergen-Belson concentration camp during the 2nd World War.

And what about Plod, who slovenly slouches with his hands in his pockets? What of him?  Well at least he recognises the right for our cameraman to film in a public place  but that is it.  By being present he is acting as nothing more than a criminal extortion heavy.  And isn't it amazing that the police can never turn up when a criminal act is being committed but once there is the chance for the state to extort some more money they can "send one of the boys around".

No Plod, you are as guilty as the Bergen Bitch in white who you call colleague in the video and you were not there to preserve the peace, you were there to assist in the theft of an unemployed mans property.  Shame on the pair of you and shame on the Fascist Bastards called Wiltshire Council. 

Corsham Crusader - we are proud of you.

And when you said "I am a member of the British National Party fighting for the right of the British People" my heart soared.  Thank you.