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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Charles The Man who would be King

The Man who would be King

"How did I become a moslem?"
"Just like that - just like that.  Sorry Tommy"
In this article here entitled:-"Prince Charles and the Green Arrow", written in May 2007, I wrote about my time in the Royal Navy and about Prince Charles who was the Commanding Officer of HMS Bronington during that period of my life.

In the fairly long article, I wrote that my original admiration for the Prince of Wales had changed to a feeling of complete disappointment because of his desire to be a sanitary towel, his cuckolding of a friend and his apparent conversion to Islam(please read).

Now, on reading yesterdays article in which, Charles insanely says that we should "Follow the Islamic way to save the world" had me vomiting all over my keyboard and discovering an overwhelming urge to find a chopping block, axe and remove his head from his shoulders, Charles the 1st style and my feelings went for him, went from disappointment to complete and utter loathing.  This man is not fit to be Prince of Wales let alone  a King of England.  Even the title man might be too generous.

Now the news article also reports that Charles is a "committed Christian".  Committed he should be but a Christian - neverHe is a moslem.  Let's have a look around and see what we can find for me to back that claim up.

This is Charles on Sharia Law:
Our judgement of Islam has been grossly distorted by taking the extremes to the norm. . . . For example, people in this country frequently argue that the Sharia law of the Islamic world is cruel, barbaric and unjust. Our newspapers, above all, love to peddle those unthinking prejudices. The truth is, of course, different and always more complex. My own understanding is that extremes, like the cutting off of hands, are rarely practised. The guiding principle and spirit of Islamic law, taken straight from the Qur'an, should be those of equity and compassion.
This is Charles on the role of women in Islam and points out their equality - I kid you not.
Islamic countries like Turkey, Egypt and Syria gave women the vote as early as Europe did its women-and much earlier than in Switzerland! In those countries women have long enjoyed equal pay, and the opportunity to play a full working role in their societies.
Then there is this from the pretender to the throne on Christianity.
Islam can teach us today a way of understanding and living in the world which Christianity itself is poorer for having lost. At the heart of Islam is its preservation of an integral view of the Universe.
Charles of course, has repeatedly stated that when he ascends to the throne (God forbid) he wishes to change the ancient title that goes with the crown, from "Defender of the Faith" to "Defender of the Faiths".

So did he convert to Islam as the Grand mufti of Cyprus claims here:
"Did you know that Prince Charles has converted to Islam. Yes, yes. He is a Muslim. I can't say more. But it happened in Turkey. Oh, yes, he
converted all right. When you get home check on how often he travels to Turkey. You'll find that your future king is a Muslim."
Well I think I have read enough.  You can go do some digging for yourselves but before you do, watch this video that Bertie has kindly put up for us that lists just some of those who have been enriched by the spread of Islam in what was our country. 

Then go here and read how these children and young girls have also been enriched by the moslem colonisers.

Now in a previous article I have also written that the Queen should be tried for treason.  I now believe so should Charles.  If we cannot find a suitable King to represent us, then we should for once, start to consider thinking about becoming a republic although personally I would hate to see that happen.