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Saturday, 12 June 2010

End the War, not but More Money to Counter Afghan Bombs

End the War, not “More Money to Counter Afghan Bombs”

The utterly twisted priorities of David Cameron’s ConDem government have been well-illustrated once again with the announcement that £67 million more is to be spent countering roadside bombs in Afghanistan  when the obvious solution is for Britain to leave this pointless £5 billion-a-year war completely.
A British Solider Wounded in Afghanistan.A British Solider Wounded in Afghanistan.According to news reports, Mr Cameron made the £67 million promise after meeting with Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai in Kabul.
The additional £67 million will apparently go towards supplying “specialist teams” to look out for and defuse improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Helmand Province and to pay for “seven Mastiff armoured patrol vehicles.”
According to the British Army website, the Mastiff vehicle carries eight persons. This means that Mr Cameron’s “generous gesture” to British forces in Afghanistan means that 56 troops will now be better protected against IEDS.
The pathetic nature of Mr Cameron’s grandstanding is put into perspective when it is considered that there are in excess of 10,000 British army personnel in Afghanistan.
The war has already lasted eight years and six months. At least 294 British troops have been killed in this conflict and thousands more have suffered serious life-changing injuries.
Official figures say that total UK military casualties in 2008 were 1,924. This climbed to 2,808 in 2009 and at least 667 so far this year.
* Mr Cameron has also accepted that it is impossible to beat the Taliban, which was the reason why his party supported the Labour Party-caused war in the first place.
Mr Cameron’s about-face was revealed during his meeting with the Afghan president when he said that “efforts must be made to reach a "proper political settlement.
He referred specifically to last week's ‘Kabul peace meeting’ at which Mr Karzai discussed proposals to encourage elements of the Taliban to “rejoin the political mainstream.”
The idea that the Taliban will have to be brought back into the Afghan government makes a mockery of the whole cause of the war.
This obvious contradiction appears not to bother Mr Cameron or his equally clueless government, as they have all made sure none of their children are being sent to fight this illegal and immoral war.
The British National Party alone has called for an immediate end to our nation’s involvement in this conflict in which no British interests are served.
* To add insult to injury, Mr Cameron also announced an increase in foreign aid of £200 million to “help President Karzai build up his army, police and civil service.”
Britain is already bankrupt and runs up interest on its national debt at the rate of £1 billion per week. Despite this, Mr Cameron still feels entitled to borrow yet more money to hand it out as foreign aid.