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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Manchester BNP’s Derek Adams: “Losing Our Islands to Immigrantion

Manchester BNP’s Derek Adams: “Losing Our Islands”

Manchester British National Party’s super activist Derek Adams has launched his most powerful video yet, explaining in detail how Britain is being overrun through mass immigration and identifying the enemies who have brought about this disaster.
In the video, Mr Adams shows in graphic detail how British society has been changed from the once peaceful, cohesive community it was, into a multicultural nightmare.
The reasons given for the immigration invasion are analysed, dissected and shown to be nonsense.
The images of aliens voting in the recent "British" election are particularly shocking and will without doubt serve as a wake-up call to many who were unaware of just how bad the situation has become.
He ends off with an appeal to British people to join the British resistance – the BNP.
This is a sensational recruitment video and deserves the widest possible circulation. Send it to your friends, family and work colleagues. Do it today.