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Monday, 21 June 2010

Nick Griffin elected Vice-President of the AENM Group in EU Parliament

Nick Griffin elected Vice-President of the AENM

Nick Griffin elected Vice-President of the AENM A few days ago we reported that the Alliance of European Nationalist Movements (AENM), a pan-European party made up of nationalist parties have chosen to work together at a European level.
On the 16th and 17th of June, the AENM held its first General Assembly in Strasbourg.
The Chairman Bruno Gollnisch set up the agenda and drew the position the AENM will take in the near future. The General Assembly then proceeded to renew the “Bureau”, the political leadership of the party namely, the President (Bruno Gollnisch), Vice-President (Nick Griffin), Treasurer (Bela Kovacs) and General Secretary (Valerio Cignetti).
The assembly then deliberated on the enlargement of the party by accepting applications from the “Partido Nacional Renovador” and “Nationaldemokraterna” to join the AENM increasing the total number of represented Nations to nine.
The full list of the members is now:
- Front National (France)
- Jobbik (Hungary)
- Fiamma Tricolore (Italy)
- British National Party (Great Britain)
- Svoboda (Ukraine)
- Movimiento Social Republicano (Spain)
- Front National du Belgique (Belgium)
- Partido Nacional Renovador (Portugal)
- Nationaldemokraterna (Sweden)
The appointment of Nick Griffin as Vice-President is an acknowledgment of his talent and his dedication to nationalism.
Mr Griffin is well known outside Britain and many party leaders in Europe respect him for turning the BNP into the most feared political party in Britain.
How effective the AENM will be is difficult to judge, but if Mr Griffin in his new position of Vice President can replicate, even in a small way what he has achieved for the BNP, you can expect shockwaves across the EU.
So should nationalists thank Margaret Hodge?
Her landslide victory gave our Chairman more time to concentrate on the new AENM project, and make an even bigger impact at the European level.
Mrs Hodge urged BNP members to pack their bags and leave, and this is what Mr Griffin did: he left Barking to go to Brussels and Strasbourg where he will stay until 2014.
How does the old saying go?
“Be careful what you wish for”?