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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Gaza Flotilla - what really happened

                      Gaza Flotilla - what really happened


By the Green Arrow 

I am getting increasingly fed up with reading about the hard done by people living in the Gaza Strip.  If the moslems living there wanted real change all they have to do is get rid of their terrorist leaders and stop spending the money they receive from Saudi Arabia on improving their land and lives and not buying weapons.  Perhaps then Israel - who in my opinion has the right to take action, including pre-emptive - might sit down and listen to them.

There was never a country called Palestine and those of you who support Hamas against the state of Israel should find a new site to post your comments.  No more will be going through.

I have no great love for Israel or any other country outside the United Kingdom if it comes to that but all sane people should recognise the right of the Israeli  nation to exist, regardless of how it came into being.