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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

British Youth Unemployment to Rise Sharply as Migrants Continue to Flood In

Youth Unemployment to Rise Sharply as Migrants Continue to Flood In

By Mercia — Despite unemployment amongst our under-24s likely to exceed a million this summer and joblessness generally predicted to hit three million next year, the Cabinet Millionaires Club has no real intention of substantially reducing record-levels of immigration.
Currently, some 925,000 under-24s are recorded as being jobless, a figure expected to sharply rise next month as the school year ends with another wave of teenagers starting out on their "working" lives by joining the dole queues.
For huge numbers of schoolkids, years spent studying hard for qualifications, in expectation of good jobs, will count for nothing as both the public and private sectors either “downsize” or adopt “recruitment freezes.”
Not even fast food outlets, notorious for their soul destroying low pay employment of the “McJob” variety, are a realistic option in many urban areas.
In these institutions, students are forced to compete with "highly qualified" immigrants, legal or otherwise, for what work may be available.
Under the circumstances it is not surprising that the gradually rising support from the under-24s for the British National Party is likely to increase dramatically as young people learn the hard way the real meaning of immigration, establishment party/union apathy and commercial exploitation.
Experts are also predicting that proposed government spending cuts will push unemployment to around three million next year as hundreds of thousands of public sector workers are laid off to achieve the cost savings demanded.
Indeed, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has recently claimed that the public sector will shed one job in eight, adding 725,000 to the unemployment total.
The Government's chief economic adviser, Dr John Philpott, confirms that many state employees, who presently constitute a staggering 20 percent of the entire workforce, face little prospect of finding another job.
He is also on record as expressing the view that unemployment will remain high for the next five years, reducing the career dreams and aspirations of so many of those studying hard in our schools and universities.
An indication of just how rapidly the situation is deteriorating is exemplified by the CIPD recently revising its 2010 unemployment forecast from 2.51 million to 2.65 million, and even that may prove an underestimate.
Despite rapidly worsening unemployment, particularly amongst our young people, the Cabinet Millionaires Club have not indicated their intention to either significantly reduce immigration or remove from this country the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who are currently taking jobs from British people.