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Monday, 21 June 2010

UK Tax Rises of £10 Billion, but Foreign Aid “Ring Fenced” at £13 Billion

ConDem to Announce Tax Rises of £10 Billion, but Foreign Aid “Ring Fenced” at £13 Billion

The ConDem government’s plans to announce £10 billion of tax rises in Tuesday’s emergency budget stands in shocking contrast to their pledge to increase foreign aid to £13 billion per year.
The planned £10 billion across-the-board tax increase, leaked by the Sunday Times, will include rises in VAT and capital gains tax in addition to the increase in National Insurance already announced by the previous Labour regime.
According to the report, tax on alcohol, tobacco duty and air travel will also increase in the budget to be presented by Chancellor George Osborne.
He will also apparently outline £40 billion of spending cuts which will include a freeze on the wages of civil servants (except MPs, no doubt) and will cut benefits payments to middle class families.
It is mindboggling that Mr Osborne and his coalition gang have the nerve to demand of British people that they pay extra tax which could easily be made up by simply slashing the foreign aid budget.
Apart from the foreign aid budget, other places where billions could be shaved off the budget include the annual costs of £18 billion spent on “global warming,” the £13 billion spent on immigration, the £4 billion spent on asylum, the £15 billion spent on EU membership, the £5 billion per year spent fighting the illegal and immoral Afghanistan war and the billions spent on “politically correct” social engineering projects.
This would instantly generate savings well in excess of £80 billion per year.
In this way, front-line public services could be maintained without tax rises of any sort.
While welfare reform is also necessary to help break the cycle of dependency which 60 years or more of near all-out-socialism has generated, it is little short of scandalous to cut benefits while billions are paid out on projects which have no benefit at all to Britain.
Only the British National Party has a developed and concise policy of economic management which is the only path whereby economic stability can be returned to our nation.
Ironically, the upcoming budget will help to make the ConDem regime one of the most hated in British political history.
With the Labour Party thoroughly discredited and now relying on their imported ethnic vote, a new window of opportunity will soon open for the BNP, providing its activists stay the course.