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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Contempt of Court - more like abuse of power by EHCR

Contempt of Court - more like abuse of power

The Guardian is salivating over the fact that Nick Griffin MEP BNP and two other BNP officials could have their assets seized which includes the BNP Chairmans MEP salary, investments, pensions and property they own for contempt of court.  The Guardian shamefully announces these dreadful and undemocratic threats in this way.
The case shows that no political party is above the law.
Indeed the law should be, that no matter how high, no person is above the law.  But the law in this case is being used to silence the voice of the British People and those that use and abuse the law to attempt to silence the British National Party will one day be brought to trial, judged and if found guilty and if there is any justice.  Hung for the rats they are.

The Guardian also seems to have a problem with people of any descent or origin only being allowed to join the BNP if they; "agrees with or supports or does not oppose or does not disagree with the principles of our party".

Now what sort of warped mind has a problem with the above?  People do tend to join a political party because they support their principles not oppose them.  By their warped logic, I should be allowed to join the Labour Party even thought I totally disagree with everything they stand for and would destroy it in an heart beat if given the chance. 

Perhaps that is what the entire membership of the BNP should do.  Join enmass the Labour Party and return it to the party it was when first created.  One that cared about British Workers instead of the self seeking politicians own pockets who are its masters now.

They also have a huge problem with the BNP
maintaining the "integrity of the indigenous British" and "restoring and maintaining" the indigenous British as "an overwhelming majority"
These mad marxist bastards find that, the wish for the British People to continue to exist, as being offensive to possible non-indigenous members as this would deny them their racial and cultural identity.  So f++k the British racial and cultural identity because they are no longer allowed to have an identity any longer.

And it is easy to see why the marxist would have a problem with new BNP members being welcomed into the Party by two BNP officials.  How much better to let nutcases, state agents, red provocateur join the party without check, so they can be used to bring the party into disrepute or destroy it from within.

Any person who cares about democracy must see that what the EHCR are doing here is morally wrong, if not downright illegal.  Regardless of whether you love or hate the BNP you must, if you care about Freedom of Speech and democracy help stop the EHCR dead in their tracks.