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Friday, 11 June 2010

Cambridgeshire County Council Launches “Non-Whites Only” IT Training Scheme

Conservative Party-Controlled Cambridgeshire County Council Launches “Non-Whites Only” IT Training Scheme

The Conservative Party-controlled Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) has launched an IT skills training programme open only to non-white people, while at the same time announcing cutbacks of millions to its frontline services.
The latest shocking display of Tory hatred for white British people has come with an announcement by Antonio Callisto, a CCC employee in charge of running “diversity” projects, that free basic IT training is now available to people who “are 16yrs+ from African, Bangladeshi, Caribbean, or Pakistani communities.”
According to Mr Callisto, if members of these communities are “currently unemployed or work less than 16 hrs” then they qualify for free placement on the course.
Helpfully, Mr Callisto’s announcement added, if any members of these communities do not own personal computers, then the council will gladly provide one as well.
Earlier, CCC announced that it was facing £6 million of cuts to its services which would impact almost all of its services.
BNP News called Mr Callisto to inquire about the exact nature of the course. His accent made it clear that he was not of indigenous British origin and indeed his command of English appeared to be just above basic.
When asked why CCC was providing services to non-white communities only, Mr Callisto replied that it was part “of a Government programme.”
“The Government has,” Mr Callisto said, “determined that there is a shortage of [IT-skilled] people in those communities who are not accessing the necessary resources to move off dependency on state welfare.”
The overt racial basis and anti-white nature of the programme was underlined when Mr Callisto was asked what the situation would be if an African “who happened to be white” applied for placement on the course.
Mr Callisto laughed and said that a white South African would have to come into his offices for an “assessment to see if he qualified” and that there were “probably other services we could offer him.”
The programme is merely the latest in a long line of anti-white and anti-British measures which are endorsed, supported, financed and promoted by all the Westminster parties.
* Readers are encouraged to contact Mr Callisto and politely inquire why he runs programmes which actively discriminate against white people. His contact details can be found on the CCC website here.