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Sunday, 13 June 2010

UK Weekly News Round UP

                   Weekly News Round UP

A Labour Party rift over immigration was exposed last night after leadership favourite David Miliband called for Britain’s open-door border policy to stay in place.

Surrounded by a police protection unit and chauffeured in a ministerial Jaguar, you could be forgiven for thinking that David Miliband did not belong to the party which lost the election.

The family of David Miliband, was branded untrustworthy by Home Office and Foreign Office officials when they tried to migrate to Britain, documents reveal.

A Muslim community leader given a jail term for falsely claiming to have been kidnapped by members of the British National Party is thought to be in his native Mauritius after skipping bail, a jury was told today.

Hold on - why is this bloke called 'British' when he has a 'home country' to flee too ? There is only one type of Briton, those who have no home nation other than Britain.

The new chairman of the Conservative Party, Pakistani-origin Saheeda Warsi, has inadvertently revealed her newspapers of choice to the public: Muslim News, the Voice of Black Britain and assorted Arabic language publications.

Nicolas Sarkozy today personally apologised to the Queen after a cemetery commemorating thousands of British war dead including one of her uncles was desecrated.

The brothers are itching to go on the march again. Stuck in their nihilistic mindset of the Seventies union bosses want to mobilise the nation against the coalition Government’s deficit reduction programme.

Nick Clegg's wife has accepted a lucrative job with a major Spanish wind farm firm just weeks after her husband became Deputy Prime Minister.

Environment Minister Chris Huhne has pushed the EU for tougher climate change targets which could see an extra 2,500 wind turbines going up around Britain.

The extraordinary extent of Labour's final spending spree - which cost the public purse £1.3trillion even as the economy was sinking - was laid bare for the first time last night. Bills included £50million to promote ballet and music, £5.6million for pensions for the Royal Household and £38.4million for gipsy encampments.

Gypsies are being given a special DVD filmed at taxpayers’ expense – to teach them how to milk the state for benefits. The film tells them how to claim for state handouts including income support, housing benefit, childcare and other benefits and even shows the faces of council workers they need to talk to so they can recognise them.
An Anglican vicar conducted hundreds of sham marriages between Eastern Europeans and African illegal immigrants desperate to stay in the UK, a court heard yesterday.

Hundreds of Met Police officers have been convicted of crimes ranging from sex attacks and assaults to traffic offences in the past eight years.

British troops risk being infected with HIV as Taliban fighters are hiding contaminated needles with their bombs. Heroin syringes as well as razor blades are being buried in the ground by insurgents in Afghanistan so that they prick bomb squad experts.

Cherie Blair will not be disciplined after she was cleared over comments she made while sparing a violent offender jail. Several complaints were made over a case Mrs Blair dealt with while sitting as a judge at Inner London Crown Court.

Britain will struggle to handle 'catastrophic' population growth in future unless urgent action is taken, a report has warned. The predicted increase to 70million by 2029 will put unsustainable pressure on housing, schools and hospitals as well as natural resources such as food and water, experts said.

MPs HAVE received more than £240,000 in taxpayer-funded interest-free loans and advances in the last four weeks.

Britain will struggle to cope with an immigration-fuelled population boom that threatens to leave public services in chaos, a worrying report warns. With the UK population set to rocket to 70 million in 20 years, housing and job shortages will be commonplace.

As David Cameron warns of painful budget cuts needed to reduce the £160bn deficit, nationalists will be delighted to know that there is still money left for ethnic minorities.

The Coalition should know what to do with the deficit without asking the public. The sport of spotting hypocrisy in politics is giving us some fine spectacles these days, such as in the proclamation by Ed Balls, who would be leader of the Labour Party, that we should restrict immigration.

If you take a look at Diane Abbott's website you soon see who she is interested in helping. Does living in a 'diverse' (sic) society mean everyone is equal and therefore deserving of an equal amount of help? Evidently Abbot doesn't think so.

Yes I know she is the token, black, female candidate, I know the pundits say she doesn't stand a chance and that she only managed to gain enough nominations to stand for election as the next Labour leader so that there would be a "diverse" choice of candidates. I know all that .... but .....but...!!

The Liberals have won a narrow one-seat lead in the Dutch election, putting them in pole position to form a coalition. With 88 per cent of the votes counted, published partial results showed the Liberals with 31 and Labour on 30.

John Prescott ignited a class war yesterday with a ferocious attack on a decision to prevent 'garden grabbing' by developers. The Labour grandee's outburst on live radio came during a debate on a Conservative initiative that will make it much harder to turn gardens into housing.
Cameron’s pledge to end Britain’s cancer drugs lottery faced its first test yesterday from a dying mother who is desperate to see her son start school.

A high proportion of deaths classed as euthanasia in Belgium involved patients who did not ask for their lives to be ended, a study found.

More than 1,200 workers have been banned from flying England flags on their own cars by managers - over fears they could deemed as racist.

A Muslim community leader, Noor Ramjanally, who claimed he was kidnapped by members of the British National Party was caught out lying by covert surveillance cameras designed to protect him, a court heard.

Seriously, where is Noor Ramjanally?  This guy has caused a lot of grief for a lot of people whilst tarnishing the good name of the British National Party.  He must be found, tried and if found guilty, punished for his crimes.

We are eagerly awaiting the apologies that are well and truly over due! Make up your own minds now! Its interesting to note that he doesn't even have to appear himself and no one on the jury is allowed to question or research that!

A Bacon's College employee was facing years behind bars yesterday, after he took indecent photos of more than a thousand children around the world and molested two sisters.

A doctor 'skipped with glee' when told he could place antiseptic gel on a woman's burnt breasts, it was alleged yesterday. Dr Anis Akhtar, 37, is said to have 'smirked' before telling the 49-year-old she did not need to wear a bra, the General Medical Council heard.

This is the sex attacker being hunted by police after an attack on a pregnant young woman in Birmingham. The fiend stalked his 19-year-old victim as she walked to her hotel from the Arcadian Centre.

She was so tiny, she had to sit on four cushions to be seen on the video screen. She played with a toy train as she told a hushed court what her brothers had allegedly done to her.
A student at Wolverhampton University who shot three children with an airgun on their way home from school has walked free from court.
When a notorious drug dealer moved in next door, Charlie Skinner feared for his young family. The father of three contacted police after Xiao-Po He started to peddle cocaine and crystal meth on his doorstep.

This week sees the launch of a hilarious new campaign called “Inspired by Muhammad” (as we are now all expected to spell Mohammed).

Elite Home Improvements were told by Sunderland's Labour council that flying the St. Georges Cross was not allowed, following a complaint from a member of the public.

Lawful Rebellion. Some one recently asked me the question; what is Lawful Rebellion? Rebellion in itself has a number of different meanings and is in fact quite close to another word that seems to be on everyone’s lips; Revolution. Defined meaning of Rebellion;

Labour's acting leader, Harriet Harman, today nominated Diane Abbott for the party's leadership. Ms Harman said she was doing so in the hope of helping to ensure there is a woman on the ballot paper, and will not cast her vote in the election this September.

Parliament was hit by a new expenses row today after it emerged the 218 MPs who left after last month's General Election are entitled to a total £10.5 million in 'golden goodbyes'

For girls aiming to climb the career ladder, it is one achievement they might be wiser not to put on the CV. In what has been described as the country's 'most trivial' course, female pupils are being taught how to walk in high heels.

The late unlamented Labour regime was a grim mixture of authoritarianism, greed, ideology and contempt for democracy.

Brussels is to grab new powers to vet Britain’s budget figures, amid fears that a Greek-style economic crisis could be repeated in this country.

Despite debunkers attempting to claim otherwise, Bilderberg illegally sets the consensus on policies that are subsequently enacted worldwide

Energy regulators are proposing to levy a £2 million penalty on EDF Energy Networks after almost 100,000 customers were left without power over several days, it has been disclosed.

The Royal Navy wren who smuggled £2million of cocaine on board a warship  after a tour of duty in Colombia was part of a gang planning to sell the drugs in Britain, a court heard today.

A Pervert who left an 83-year-old woman “shaken” after a sexual assault in Colindale is being hunted by police. Detectives have launched an appeal after the man “forcibly kissed” the elderly victim on the lips as she walked along Silkfield Road, on May 18. The victim lives in the Colindale area.
Islam is linked to violent extremism in the minds of most Britons, according to a survey. mThe YouGov poll also revealed widespread concern about the impact of the faith on British values.

An advertising campaign aimed at combating negative perceptions of Muslims has been launched as a new poll showed a majority of people in Britain associate Islam with terrorism.

Anti-terrorism police are installing approximately 150 CCTV cameras in two Muslim areas of Birmingham for reasons unknown to the communities.

Muslim prisoners are cashing in on their religion to claim hundreds of thousands of pounds in additional benefits, a report revealed yesterday.

There was no official inquiry into the 7/7 Islamist terrorist attacks in London because the Government took a deliberate decision to protect the Muslim community from scrutiny, it has been revealed.

Controversial Labour MP Keith Vaz was at the centre of a sleaze scandal last night after bombshell evidence emerged of his 'favour-for-a-favour' relationship with a corrupt lawyer.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman is facing calls to scrap a planned government review of genetically modified foods amid fears that it has been 'nobbled' by the biotech industry.

Labour leadership candidate John McDonnell said yesterday he would 'assassinate' Margaret Thatcher if he could go back to the 1980s.

It was fair to expect that two teenage boys left home alone while their parents are on holiday might let their hair down a little.

"England is for life, not just for football!" That is the strong, patriotic message that the BNP will be pushing hard this summer. While everyone will be engrossed by the impending World Cup tournament, BNP activists the length and breadth of the country will be working round the clock to highlight the terrible state of modern day England.

A woman dentist has been charged with stealing £1million from the NHS in one of the biggest ever alleged frauds in the history of the health service.
A hospital consultant who sold dying patients drugs that they could have received for free on the NHS has escaped being struck off.

Cameron yesterday warned that Britain’s vast debt mountain will soon mean that 10p out of every pound raised by taxation will be squandered on interest payments.

Britain will soon be paying more than a £1billion a week meeting interest payments alone, David Cameron warned yesterday.

Work towards an elected House of Lords will start as early as next week under a cross-party committee of senior politicians, Nick Clegg announced yesterday.

A spin doctor has been hired by a Conservative council on a deal that works out at £182,000 a year - or £40,000 more than the Prime Minister. Suffolk County Council is employing a new head of communications on up to £700 a day, claiming one of her roles will be saving money.

A Labour MP elected last month on a “squeaky-clean” platform of reforming politics advised how his disgraced predecessor could bend rules on claiming Commons expenses, documents reveal.

Religious education lessons in England's secondary schools are worse now than they were three years ago, inspectors have warned.

Dramatic pictures of bloodied Israeli troops being overpowered by pro-Palestinian activists on the stormed Gaza aid ship emerged yesterday.

Cameron will today warn that Britain’s economic problems are “even worse than we thought”.

More than 10,000 civil servants, police officers and council staff get both a pension and a salary from taxpayers, research showed yesterday.

David Cameron today refused to rule out an early referendum on plans to tear up Britain's first-past-the-post electoral system as Nick Clegg insisted an announcement could come 'within days'.

More than 10,000 public sector workers scoop the jackpot every month because they are paid a pension as well as their salary.

Schools are failing to teach pupils about Christian beliefs in religious education classes, an official study has warned.

A Mother has complained to her council after being told her “inseparable” twins must go to different primary schools.
A Black farmer who grew up in inner-city Birmingham has blamed racism for his failure to become an MP. Mr Emmanuel-Jones, who claims to be Britain’s only black farmer, was born in Jamaica and came to Birmingham, aged four, with his parents.
A Judge has blasted two cousins who took three young girls from the streets of East Lancashire, plied them with drink and drove them 20 miles to a hotel.

A Prostitute and businessman have both been jailed after a teenage runaway was plied with drink and sold for sex in a North-East town.

Vital advice on swine flu handed to the Government was written by scientists who had worked for companies that make flu medicines, an investigation has claimed.

Night nurses at a showcase hospital at the centre of a murder inquiry gave patients illegal drugs for years, a damning report is expected to conclude.

More than 1.1million jobs - half the total created under Labour - were taken by immigrants who could have been refused work permits, it emerged last night.

The euro will break up within five years, according to a survey of leading economists. The dire state of the public finances of Greece and other eurozone members such as Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland have driven the single currency to a four-year low against the dollar and cast doubts over its future.

Ministers are backtracking on a pledge to introduce quickly a 'Good Samaritan' law allowing householders to protect themselves when confronting burglars. Days after becoming Home Secretary, Theresa May said she was poised to introduce a law offering both a 'reasonable defence' against intruders and immunity to those who intervene in an attempt to prevent crime or anti-social behaviour.

The wages of British workers were forced down because the Labour government failed to restrict immigration from eastern Europe, Ed Balls claims today. In a provocative article in the Observer, the Labour leadership hopeful says the party will rebuild trust only if it admits "what we got wrong".

Stringent new checks on foreign doctors have been implemented in Cornwall. It follows the death of a man who was given an overdose of diamorphine by an out-of-hours German doctor.

Hundreds of people gathered today for a dedication ceremony, paying tribute to UK armed forces members who lost their lives in the course of duty last year.

More and more town hall bureaucrats have been caught snooping on private details held on a giant 'Big Brother' tax and benefits database.

An oil field discovery in the Falklands was hailed yesterday as potentially the biggest discovery of its kind since North Sea Oil.

Maverick Labour MP Frank Field has been asked by David Cameron to lead an investigation into poverty in Britain. Downing Street confirmed the Prime Minister had recruited the former welfare minister to chair the review on poverty and life chances.

It is my turn, tomorrow, to take Eric to his canine correctional facility over the back near Odiham, where he and I will be working on his dominance problems.

Some of Britain’s biggest firms were last night accused of ‘spying’ on their customers after they admitted ‘listening in’ on disgruntled conversations on the internet.

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