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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Galloway Incites Muslim Violence against White British

In the above video, you will see George Galloway, the former moslem sponsored Respect MP, clearly inciting violence against the British People at a demonstration in Tower Hamlets on Sunday by the moslems - many of whom were waving their Black Battle Flag.

The second speaker is a so far unknown moslem agitator, who also calls for violence when he says that the police will not tell the moslems when and where to march.  He was clearly listened to because afterwards, the moslems were worked up enough to go attack the police and chase them out of Tower Hamlets before turning their attention to passing white people.

Now there are a couple of interesting things about this video - the first being that the moslems have now clearly hijacked the Socialist Workers Party umbrella, the UAF and the second, that if these moslems and Galloway have the support of the British people, then where were the white people? 

By the way did you know that George Galloway's publishing empire, Asian Voice was funded by the Pakistani government in a covert operation to the tune of almost £600,000 pounds?