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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cameron Is about to Abandon “Capped Migration” Nonsense

Tory Media Awash with Speculation that David Cameron Is about to Abandon “Capped Migration” Nonsense

The Tory-supporting media is awash with panicked reports that David Cameron’s ConDem coalition government is about to abandon yet another of its election promises, this time the patently ridiculous “immigration cap” policy.
This policy, which Mr Cameron promised to introduce on top of the already failed “points-based-system” introduced by his Labour colleagues, was supposed to bring immigration down to the “tens of thousands” — as if this was some type of answer to the colonisation problem.
According to a report in the Financial Times, “senior Conservative ministers are forcing a rethink on the party’s flagship immigration policy to make it more business-friendly after warning that a rigid cap on migrants could damage the British economy,” a claim repeated by the Daily Telegraph and other newspapers.
According to the reports, the entire policy is now under “reconsideration” and Home Secretary Theresa May is going to launch a “consultation” on immigration policy which will “reflect the concerns of the City, industry and cabinet colleagues” when the final policy is drafted.
The panicked Tory papers have not pointed out the obvious fact that there should in theory be no need to “draw up a final policy” as the Tories promised to implement the cap as their main immigration platform during the election.
The Tory activists however know this well, and a hysterical article posted today on the Tory Home website by Conservative MP for Wycombe, Paul Goodman, called the move to drop the cap policy a “serious strategic blunder.”
Mr Goodman’s remarks provoked interesting reactions from Tory activists in the comments section on that site.
“A line in the sand must be drawn on this. We will lose thousands of activists and a few million votes, if it is not brought in for 2011,” wrote one commentator.
Another said “You're right about losing activists. Wriggle out of this one and a significant number of us will be saying cheerio” while a third pointed out that “Labour lost a lot of members to the BNP and these were people concerned about Labour's open-door Immigration policy. I foresee the Tories starting to lose members also to the BNP . . . they renege on the promised immigration cuts.”
According to the media reports, Education Secretary Michael Gove and Universities Secretary David Willetts and Minister of State at the Cabinet Office Oliver Letwin are “among those who have warned that a rigid cap could call into question the coalition’s claim that Britain is open for business.”
Astonishingly, Mr Gove and Mr Letwin were closely involved in drawing up the Tory manifesto in which the cap policy was central.
All of these debates merely illustrate once again that none of the Westminster parties have any clue on the real issue which mass Third World immigration creates, namely the steady transformation of Britain into a Third World country.
The only way that this demographic disaster can be avoided is by halting all immigration and implementing policies designed to encourage the repatriation of exiting immigrant populations.
Any policy which aims at less than that is merely rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.