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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The BNP Excalibur Re-launched with Two New Books

Excalibur Re-launched with Two New Books

Two extremely rare but highly important books, Decline or Dawn? Preserving Western Values in an Age of Change and The Making and Meaning of Britishness: National Identity in the 21st Century, form part of the more than 50 titles on offer in the newly re-launched British National Party’s online merchandising arm, Excalibur.
Decline or Dawn? Preserving Western Values in an Age of Change is a collection of speeches given at the first “Right Now!” 2005 conference.
The conference attracted a wide range of prominent speakers and attendees from several countries to discuss and debate some of the challenges facing the West in an era of rapid and disconcerting change.
The speeches include “The Not-So-Strange Decline of Conservative Britain,” by Angela Ellis-Jones, Right Now!;  “How and Why Britain’s Politicians Have let the Side Down over Europe,” Christopher Gill, Freedom Association; “The Creeping Menace of Political Correctness,” by Roger Ison and Laura Midgley, Campaign against Political Correctness; “ Preserving Western Values,” by John Papworth, Fourth World Review; “The EU  Why We’d Be Much Better off Out,” by Ashley More, Independent MEP; “Belgium, Turkey and the European Union  A Strange Alliance against Western values,” by Phillip Claeys, MEP (Vlaams Belang); “How Good Urban Planning Can Help Rescue Civil Society,” by Professor Alice Coleman, Land Use Research Unit; “Demography is Destiny,” by Jared Taylor, American Renaissance; and “The Post-Communist World,” Brain Crozier, Sovietologist and author.
The Making and Meaning of Britishness: National Identity in the 21st Century is a collection of speeches given at the “Right Now!” 2006 conference.
The second gathering of that body once again drew a highly respected panel together to debate critical issues of the day ranging from the EU through to immigration, birth rates and Eastern Europe.
The speeches included “Introductory Remarks” by Derek Turner, Right Now!; “We Want Our Country Back,” by Ashley Mote MEP;  “Ulster in the United Kingdom — The Ties That Bind,” by Sammy Wilson MP; “Britistan: The Looming Cultural and Demographic Disaster” by Jillian Becker; “The Psychology of Race Differences,” by Prof Richard Lynn; “The Biological Basis of Patriotism,” Professor JP Rushton; “Dysfunctional Government, Suicidal Policies,” by Steve Moxon; and “The United Kingdom and Multiculturalism  Lessons From Eastern Europe,” by Dr Frank Ellis.
Both these books are extremely sought after and Excalibur has managed to acquire the very last stock of both titles. Once they are gone, there are no more to be had.
The books form part of the “Ideology” book section of the new Excalibur web store, which was recreated after a period of severe disruption following the destruction of the BNP’s entire web operations in an act of sabotage by the party’s disgraced former webmaster.
Other book sections include British History, Climate Change and Environment, Current Affairs, Education, Ideology, Immigration and Asylum, Islam, Race and Science and Social Cohesion and Policing.
In addition, Excalibur also offers a huge range of T-shirts and other items of interest to nationalists in Britain.
Another new item of interest is the BNP’s groundbreaking 2010 election manifesto which is available in the ideology section of the bookshop.
As the shop expands, it will also be a conduit for leaflets and other party material.
The new Excalibur site can be found by clicking here,