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Thursday, 10 June 2010

You know what really depressed me last week?

You know what really depressed me last week?

Now some of you may or may not have noticed that I have been away for a week.  Or rather away from writing, I continued to do background admin tasks and moderate comments, etc but effectively I took a week away from reading the news or visiting sites that had anything to do with politics.  It was either that or top myself.

The reason was a series of events that just made me completely despair and for the first time to consider the horrifying thought that this time, the True British People would not prevail - despite the heroic efforts of the British National Party.

The first instance to start the clouds forming, was to be be parked outside a chemists in a small valley town late afternoon and watch walking towards me, two young white girls of about 13/14.  Both of these young ladies were dressed in grubby pyjamas, pink dressing gowns and wearing fluffy mules on their feet.  Their hair was dishevelled and in their arms they each carried baby dolls.

Now I had read about the new trend for people to go out shopping and clubbing in their pyjamas and thought stupid teenagers, until they got closer and I saw that both of the dolls were black and I thought: "Is this what our young women aspire to be?  Unmarried mothers with black children?".
And I wondered first about what sort of parents would let their teenage daughters out through the door looking worse than Cherie Blair when she opened the door to Number 10 dressed in a similar fashion and then about the marxist teachers who had polluted the minds of these children.

Later in the day I spoke to some old friends and the conversation turned to the state of the country and the influx of immigrants (ok so I steered it in that direction) and the fact that soon the True British People would be a minority in their own country.  The response was an "Oh well there is nothing we can do about it" and "Doesnt bother me, I will be dead by then".

Never have I despised my Welsh kinsmen more.  Or thought my contempt for some of them could sink lower.  But of course I was wrong.  My complete and utter contempt for some of my fellow Welsh reached new lows, when on returning home, I read that Cardiff Citty fans had been in a large scale punch up in London with Chelsea City fans back in February.

And this is what depressed me.  There are still those in Our Country who put loyalty to a Football Club before the family, friends and Country.  Individual Football Clubs have hundreds of thousands of supporters who spend a fortune on Team Products, tickets and travelling but few of these supporters who will wave their nations flags in the coming world cup even care about their nation or their children's non future.  Depressing.
UAF in Cardiff is now run by moslems
Because whilst the football supporters rush off to games around the Country to beat the crap out of each other, the EDL/WDL in Cardiff were outnumbered by 3 to 1 by the moslems, who now control the former Welsh Capital and who now that they also control the taxis in that city, ensured no support reached the EDL/WDL protest there last week.

What as gone wrong with the Welsh?  They continue to vote for the pervert Chris Bryant in Merthyr and the crook and former terrorist supporter Peter Hain in Neath.

And whilst our soldiers are still dying for the New World Order and whilst every day, moslem numbers increase, what do we Nationalists do?  Why we bicker and squabble amongst ourselves and the stupid among us, allow red and state agents to engineer splits and divisions within our ranks that makes some of us give up and walk away from the war.

Well I can tell you, I almost walked away.   It would have been so easy.  So I needed that week off but I am back now and the war continues and instead of being dejected and demoralised I intend to increase my personal efforts to wake up those stupid sheep people or die in the attempt and dying is the last thing I intend to do.

We have a lot going on in the background at the moment of which I will tell you more later.  Meanwhile, keep your faith in the British National Party and their chairman Nick Griffin MEP.  If I did not believe in them I would give up now.
Finally, who said:-"If God did not want them sheared, He would not have made them  sheep."?