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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Labour/Tory-Backed Illegal War Has Caused an “Asylum Seekers” Wave

How the Labour/Tory-Backed Illegal War Has Caused an “Asylum Seekers” Wave

New figures from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, have shown how the illegal and immoral wars waged by the Labour/Tory regime have caused a massive increase in 'asylum seekers' from Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Bombing of Baghdad.The Bombing of Baghdad.According to the report, issued to coincide with “World Refugee Day” on 20 June, the EU27 Member States granted protection to 78,800 'asylum seekers' in 2009 compared with 75,100 in 2008.
The largest groups of beneficiaries were citizens of Iraq (13,100 or 17 percent), Somalia (13,400 persons or 17 percent) and Afghanistan (7,100 or 9 percent).
Of the 78,800 persons who were granted protection status, 39,300 persons were granted refugee status, 29,900 subsidiary protection and 9,600 authorisation to stay for humanitarian reasons.
More than three quarters of grants of protection status in the EU27 were made in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands.
In 2009, the highest number of persons granted protection status was registered in the United Kingdom (12,500), followed by Germany (12,100),  France (10,400), Sweden (9,100), Italy (8,600) and the Netherlands (8,100).
These Member States accounted for more than three quarters of all those granted protection status in the EU27, said Eurostat.
More than 260,000 asylum applicants in 2009 and nearly one quarter were
minors, the report added.
In total, around 261,000 asylum applicants were registered in the EU during 2009. Amongst other characteristics such as the origin and gender of these applicants, the report highlights that minors accounted for 60,500 of the applicants, of which 12,200 were unaccompanied.
In other words, not only have the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost billions of pounds and hundreds of British lives, but they have also directly contributed towards the Third World immigration invasion of Europe.
Only the British National Party has as its declared policy the ending of British involvement in these illegal conflicts, the halting of the asylum swindle and the criminal prosecution of all those British politicians responsible for promoting, planning and executing those illegal wars.