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Saturday, 19 June 2010

British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP Update

Following email received from the chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Did you see the disgusting scenes this week as fanatical Muslim mobs abused our brave boys on the streets of the London borough of Barking? What an outrage! Remember, even as these lowlife fanatics were abusing our heroes, their Muslim ’brothers’ in Afghanistan were killing British soldiers.

The same day, two members of the 1st Battalion, 'The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment' were shot dead in Afghan, and a Royal Marine died at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham after being flown home with wounds sustained in a gun battle on Sunday. These Islamic fanatics are trampling on the graves of our glorious dead. It is time they were stopped.

Like you I am absolutely fed up watching our politicians, police and media liars pander to these wretched traitors, I say: This is our country, love it or leave it! It’s time the bearded fanatics were shown the door.

Last week another bombshell hit the Party: the Equalities Commission is dragging us into court AGAIN. Not content with changing our membership rules, and tampering with our constitution, the hateful gang of Marxist vermin at the Equalities Commission now want to send Chairman Nick Griffin and Deputy Chairman Simon Darby to PRISON.

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