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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Take Heart The Confederacy Rises Again

      Take Heart the Confederacy Rises Again

Author Horwich Nationalist,

Great news from the USA, the  news is the The States of Texas Oklahoma Montana and Utah have passed laws that have declared themselves to be
Sovereign states, not under the Federal Government!
And with the States of Alabama , Louisiana , Georgia, The Carolina's , Tennessee, Kentucky,Missouri Arkansas West Virginia Mississippi, and Florida soon to follow! 

This can only mean one thing that the encroachment of  of the federal Government with their  Political correct Marxist doctrines on the Constitution and personal freedoms of the American People, have resulted in the American people, seeking inspiration from their founding Fathers and also  the principle of the rights of the individual States and their citizens.

This means that those who represent them should reflect their aspirations and beliefs on a religious and cultural level, and should not impose and alien cultural laws & religions upon them in a dictatorial manner, in effect no Taxation without TRUE representation!

The American system is divided into three parts I understand The Federal responsible for National Defence the Judiciary and the States responsible for all other laws within their boundaries. But even we in the UK have seen the Federal govt make Political appointments to the Judiciary and try to sideline the Individual State legislatures and also try to impose Socialism via the Back Door via health care , and the promotion moral equivalence of perversions that the majority American people find as we do disgusting, the forced integration of peoples whom share nothing in common. 

It is no wonder that the people of this great nation founded on the Anglo Saxon notions of freedom and the rule of just laws, are now looking to the example of the Confederate Government, in order to secure their freedoms and heritage from  oppressive regime of foreign born Obama and thus a illegal and unconstitutional President.

So I for one salute the Christian inspired American people in their rebellion against the oppressors in Washington, and soon may it spread here to!
long live the Confederate States of America!