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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Schools in Birmingham and London at Breaking Point

The Colonisation of Britain: Schools in Birmingham and London at Breaking Point

The Third World colonisation of Britain has pushed schools in Birmingham and London to “meltdown” as this country’s population has risen at a rate double that of the last decade, new figures have shown.
According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Britain’s population now stands close to 62 million.
The ONS has ascribed this increase to immigration and the higher birth rates of Third World colonisers.
“The latest leap in numbers has also been pushed by growing birth rates,” the ONS said.
About 45 percent of last year's population rise was brought about by immigration and 55 percent by what the ONS called a “natural increase.”
At least 25 percent of live births in Britain last year were to women not born in this country.
When second and third generation Third World immigrant mothers are added in, this figure rises to 51 percent of all live births in the 2008/2009 period.
This colonisation via the womb has placed unbearable strains on our nation’s schooling system.
In London, it has been reported that primary schools face a “meltdown” due to a demand for 103,000 extra places.
Official projections show 16 percent more pupils will need to be accommodated by 2014 because of the rising birth rate, reports said.
Primaries in many parts of London are already full, and the Government admits that the surge in five- to 11-year-olds is of major concern.
The increase in numbers will also place further pressure on the education budget which is set to be cut by up to 25 percent in order to increase foreign aid, the Afghanistan war and EU payments.
London will need to build extra classrooms, with the primary school population set to rise from 645,000 this year to 748,000 by 2014.
London's rising birth rate is the result of the immigration tsunami and councils will need to open the equivalent of 294 new average-sized primary schools by 2014.
In 2007 it was reported that white British children were already a minority in London’s schools.
In Tower Hamlets, 15 percent of primary school pupils are classed as white, while in Newham the figure was 12 percent.
In Birmingham, “emergency funding” worth £1.3 million will be used to build temporary classrooms at nine oversubscribed primary schools.
The city’s cabinet property committee heard this week that there is now less accommodation in Birmingham schools than there was in 1991.
The committee heard that the growing birth rate will mean that Birmingham will have a shortage of 3,000 reception places between now and 2020.
Evidence presented to the committee showed that there has been an increase in the birth rate in that city of 21 percent between 2001 and 2008.
In January this year, Birmingham City Council announced in a report on schools in the city that Asian children outnumbered white pupils in primary schools for the first time.
Only 39 percent of kids aged seven at school in the city are white, the report said.
* In Bradford, only 53 percent of pupils are white, while in Blackburn and Manchester, less than 60 percent of primary pupils are white.
In Leicester, 41 percent of pupils are white.
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