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Friday, 4 June 2010

illegal immigrant Croydon benefit fraudster's uses witch to beat system

Croydon benefit fraudster's white witch-hunt

Croydon’s biggest benefit fraudster tried enlisting the help of a white witch’s celestial fixers to save her being deported. Failed asylum seeker, Adesuwa Ojo-Osagie - also known as Queen Hanson - tried to get help from the spirit world after she scammed more than £100,000 out of the tax payer.
In her time of need she sought the help of white witch, Kevin Carlyon, from St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, to perform a spell to help her and her family escape deportation She urged Mr Carlyon to use his magic powers to bring an end to her turmoil but was left out in the cold after he refused to call in incorporeal beings to aid her.
Mr Carlyon said: “If anything I'm on the side of the authorities and my wish would be that any person of this ilk should be deported, whatever hard luck story they choose to spin.”
Ojo-Osagie was jailed for eight months last year after a case brought by Croydon Council heard she had used false identities to get into the country, work illegally and dishonestly claim benefits.
In a letter to Mr Carlyon, Ojo-Osagie, said: “In 2009, six weeks after my fifth child was born I was put in prison. I came out of prison last November and all of our assets including money in my children’s accounts were confiscated.
“We have since been served with deportation papers and our situation is very critical as deportation is imminent.
“Please if you know about ‘The Mirror’ that one can look into to see past and future events, I will be very interested in it. We want to know what the future holds for us.”
It was discovered Ojo-Osagie had more than £120,000 in 26 bank accounts. In total, the amount received by Hanson from making false claims for benefits and fraudulent earnings from employment was £114,941.
The 42-year-old of Parchmore Road, Thornton Heath, also failed to declare she was married to a man who was working full-time for the Royal Mail.