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Friday, 4 June 2010

Labour/Tory-Backed “Points Based” Immigration System Fails to Halt Immigration Invasion

Labour/Tory-Backed “Points Based” Immigration System Fails to Halt Immigration Invasion Which Jumps to 1.2 Million in Three Years

The Labour Party-developed and Conservative Party-endorsed “points based system” (PBS) immigration scheme has done nothing to halt the immigration invasion of Britain and an astonishing 1.2 million “new” immigrants have entered our country in the past three years.
The new figures were released after research from think thank Migrationwatch.
Although Migrationwatch blamed the Labour Party for the policy in its press release, the reality is that the Conservative Party endorsed the policy, only saying that they wanted to add a “cap” to the system as well.
“Analysis now reveals that economic migration in 2009 was up by about 20 percent compared to 2007, the year before the introduction of the PBS for non-EU workers,” Migrationwatch said in its press release.
“This took place despite the deepest recession for a generation having led to unemployment of 2.5 million.
“The number of students, also part of the PBS, increased by 30 percent in 2009 compared to 2008 before the system applied to students,” the Migrationwatch statement continued before going on, incorrectly, to exclusively blame Labour for the invasion.
According to the figures, there were 159,535 permits granted in 2007. This figure jumped to 188,545 in 2008 and then increased again to 190,640 in 2009, or an increase of 20 percent.
It also means that over the three year period from 2007 to 2009, the number of work permits issued totalled 538,720.
This figure does not include “students” who entered Britain under the broken immigration system.
According to the Migrationwatch figures, the number of “students” who entered Britain in 2007 came to 223,545.
This figure jumped to 208,800 in 2008, and 273,445 in 2009, an increase of 30 percent.
This means that over the three year period in question, an astonishing 705,790 “students” were granted entrance into Britain.
This figure is larger than the total number of all students in full-time study in Britain. Official figures released in mid 2008 showed that the number of full-time students gaining places at UK universities stood at 413,430.
It is therefore impossible that these 705,790 “students” are all bona fide.
Even more disturbingly, when the total number of “student visas” is added to the total number of permits issued (538,720 + 705,790), it can be seen that an astonishing 1,244,510 people were granted permission to enter Britain legally from 2007 to 2009.
Make no mistake, this is an invasion — and the Conservative Party is just as much to blame as Labour or the Lib Dems.