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Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Potential For The United Nationalist Nations (UNN) And The Eight Percent Minority.

The Potential For The United Nationalist Nations (UNN) And The Eight Percent Minority. 
''The United Nationalist Nations, (UNN) is a LOBBYING AND SUPPORT organisation on behalf of the troubled Western world, and its indigenous, Indo-European (Caucasian) peoples. The lobbying and support network will be operated via the UNN EMBASSY, and its appointed legal representative in the form of a UNN AMBASSADOR. The survival, rights and support of the Caucasian Western peoples is paramount, but It is not meant to undermine any group, or political party, or any other organisations where people pay membership fees, donate, or take part in political activity. It is an international UMBRELLA organisation, with a support structure, using legal lobbying rights in tandem. Similar cultural and ethnically sentient organisations have specific lobby groups that target educational, political, commercial, and religious leaders, in requesting help with their cause, or to rectify a perceived harm done to them. On the other hand, patriotic community leaders, writers, activists and professionals in communities around the world, are under threat of being undemocratically outlawed and ostracised. The UNN, is non-political and non-profit making, and exists to create hitherto unheard of opportunities, lobbying for social justice, jobs, the basic human right of association, and continued freedom of speech for the indigenous, Western European peoples, their culture, and the socio-economic stability of this, and future generations''.
Is the above explanation and introduction enough? The Founders sincerely hope it is, as already, people have immediately, even at this early ''toe dipping'' stage, brought to our attention the fears and suspicions that ravage political parties from beyond and within, and all the baggage and harm that goes with it. Without studying the principles of the Cause and Effect of our current malaise, through debating and discussing them on an intellectual platform, the most important flag of all, that of collective Western hope, will stay unfurled, and simply rot like the nations we live in. Something needs to be done, action needs to out-perform the usual internet and media modes of ''getting things off our chests'' whilst we Western people continue to slumber on, ignorant of the unsignposted road to annihilation it travels upon. 
The United Nationalist Nations as described above, is quite simply an opportunity, and one that only stands a chance when readers fully understand that is it they themselves as individuals, families, and like-minded groups who hold the power. The five Founders are trusted by each other. No large donors or takeovers by the sly infiltration of bloc voters, trying to create selfish opportunities or stunt the UNN, can alter it's constitution. The UNN is not for sale, and the organisational structure will ensure that it operates in an uncomplicated, and open manner. Thus, rather than copy what can be found by clicking onto the link to the basic and early stage UNN page,, we have decided to give the reader a snapshot, a selection of points within it's wider constitution. Also, the reader should be reminded that income is inward through membership and donations, and will be viewed by them when requested. Thus, any legal or administrative action, for and on behalf of all concerned supporters, members, or community of abused Westerners, will result in those costs being made available, just like any business or organisation.
Within the first paragraph of the UNN constitution and principles, we state that:
All donors, regardless of the amount presented, will not receive preferential treatment, nor should they expect consideration for membership on the UNN’s Executive Committee. Surely this alone reflects to those with concerns over ''party political'' style infiltration and divisions, the efforts made in ensuring only those who are in agreement with the constitution, will ever donate, never mind donate large amounts? Also, we stress once again that no political leader, no large corporation, no wealthy person, or any individual, should ever try to enter in negotiations with the Founders, for a ''leg up'' the ladder, as there is no ladder. No one, no group, or individual will take control of this organisation, as there is no door or window of opportunity in this regard, and ALL potential harmful undue influences, will be negated at source.
In paragraph Four, we clearly state:
The UNN is a serious organisation, determined to uphold the values of long established, Western  cultural traditions, and honour the ancient characteristics, and institutions of our forefathers. The founding committee will in no form whatsoever, allow the UNN to surrender to any political leader, group, or political agenda. The existence of the UNN is solely for the benefit, and rejuvenation of the culture of the original descendants of Europe and Britain. The term SOLELY is meant in its literal term, and any reader or potential contributor, whether financial or otherwise, should respectfully take note.
Again within the First paragraph, we clearly state:
Membership is open to all those people, wherever they reside in the world, of Caucasian/European origin. Membership is 25p per week (UK Sterling). The UNN hereby issues the 99% promise to all members and financial donors, whereby only one percent of its income, is kept to fund ALL salaries and expenses.  Minor differences of individual members and financial supporters, or particular groups and organisations, will not be allowed to have any impact on the ultimate goal. Within the confines of just One Percent, there is no room for over bloated, or craftily issued up-dates for salaries, expenses, and other so-called ''perks of the job''. As we said in part one last week on the Green Arrow website, we want to reach One Million people within a year. At £13,000,000 it is therefore rightly expected by donors and members that, no more than £1,300,000 (sterling), will be required to fund the whole organisational structure. Any figure regarding income to the UNN, will be openly displayed, and thus, all aspects of costs which include salaries, and administrative outgoings, will be available for members and donators to see upon demand.
In paragraph Five, we state:
The UNN will demonstrate where necessary, and lobby collectively, for the freedom of Western political or cultural leaders, writers, or activist, regarding freedom of speech, when opposing the new world order of globalists, and their political employees. The same applies to any Western community that has a genuine threat arrayed against it, which could endanger economic stability, lives, or cultural heritage and well-being. Obviously, with legal representation, and costs to the UNN of demonstrating and lobbying, too much information herein could give our collective enemies an opportunity to force us to ''show our hand'' as it were, so suffice to say this: we do not take part in political activity such as elections, nor do we show selective support for any one political group. Also, we only allow transparency to those with a right to know, ie members and or financial donators. Therefore, if the collective performance for the first year reached it's target of One Million actual members (£13,000,000), and donations were hypothetically, One Million Pounds Sterling, then this would show up as £14,000,000 total income. As it is a ''not for profit'' Human Rights organisation, then the administration costs would be £1,400,000. The fighting fund so to speak, would be £12,600,000. Salaries would be static as promised, and thus any surplous, would be added to the above figure of £12,600,000.
To round up this snapshot, we should also say to those who have already made comments, and in addition to those who have given us advance notice of their wish for membership that, until the United Nationalist Nations has been legally instituted, and a suitable Ambassador has been selected, not a single donation or membership application can be accepted. To those who will read this, and find fault, grumble at some point or other, or who is determined that we Western people have no such rights, the Founders have determined that whatever the outcome, there WILL be a UNN. There will be a structure, either with or without any of the above. Personal information is irrelevant and is legally not required as such, therefore financial information is not a public domain issue, as with political parties etc. If the UNN in the guise above, finds itself not able to comply with the engineered trickery that could well be used against it, it will then form one that is legally accepted. Without showing all the cards available to us, please let us end on these final thoughts, and respectfully ask interested parties, to show imagination in what you have read, and what we could achieve without necessarily being too obvious here.
All ethnic peoples have rights. Many of them ancient, but many have evolved since the end of the Second World War. Legal status is also a right, and one that can be formed through a determination to simply create one alongside those already in existence. Western Peoples are now Eight Per-Cent of the world's populace, and there will be many opportunities for us within existing national and international law, Human Rights laws, and financial regulations regarding setting up various aspects of our survival. If the enemies of freedom restrict or undermine our objectives, we will simply continue with our own infrastructure. How? There are thousands of professional people in the wider Western world, who have semi-retired, retired, or have somehow been been made redundant, only to find it is they, not the career or job that has been made redundant. The UNN intends to garner the various professionals, and peice together it's own system. Once again, to foe and supporter alike, there WILL be a United Nationalist Nations in some form or other. Ultimately, regarding all of the above, it is down to you the reader. Everything that has gone before only serves to make us more angry, and more isolated and powerless. With all the good will on earth, articles, comments, and simplistic political solutions are but a small part in what is required as of now.
To reiterate part of Paragraph Two: Action needs to out-perform the usual internet and media modes of ''getting things off our chests''.