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Thursday, 3 June 2010

British Counter Jihad: Islam Exposed 2

British Counter Jihad: Islam Exposed 2

The second in a series of short articles exposing the dirty secrets about “The Religion Of Peace” the ruling elites and duplicitous Muslims are determined to prevent the British people from discovering.

Use them whenever Islam is discussed to educate, inform and more likely, challenge Islamic apologists without needing an extensive knowledge of either the Qur’an, the ahaddith (accounts of the life of the Islamic prophet Mohammed) or Sharia Law, the legal system all Muslims must adhere to.

2. Clear Messages From The Heart Of Islam

Take a good look at the flag above. It is the flag of the Islamic state of Saudi Arabia, the land where the religion of Islam was born, the land where the Islamic Prophet Mohammed spent his time on this earth. It is the heart of Islam, the home of the two most sacred cities in Islam, a state where Sharia Law is brutally enforced and a state that makes no secret of it’s adherence to Islam.

It is an Islamic state that is sending the non-believers – the kuffars, the lowest of the low – clear messages about the true nature of Islam as we shall now see.

Inscribed on the flag of Saudi Arabia is the shahada. The shahada is a short statement, a short prayer if you like, that forms one of the five pillars of Islam, indeed, it is the first. Every Muslim is under an obligation to say the shahada aloud in front of two Muslims to assert their belief at least once in their lifetime.

The prayer is the foundation of belief to be a Muslim:

“La ilaha illa Allah wa-Muhammad rasul Allah.” - There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger.

The green colour of the flag is to represent the Prophet Mohammed. And underlining the shahada is a sword, representing the importance of the Islamic faith and the “victories and justice” of Saudi Arabia’s first King, Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud.

Looking at this scared prayer inscribed on the flag of Saudi Arabia, some very important questions can be asked:

Why is a sword underlining the most important statement of faith in Islam? How is justice represented by a sword linked to a core testament of faith in a religion that claims to be peaceful?

It is a clear assertion of strength of faith in Islam and honours the victories in warfare of the first Saudi King. But what about the claim of representing justice? The Saudis once again send a very clear message about what they mean by justice and it is a message unheeded by the majority of non-believers.

The two most sacred sites in Islam are situated in Saudi Arabia. Mecca, where the Islamic Prophet Mohammed first claimed to have received the immutable word of Allah, and Medina, where he again claimed to have received the immutable word of Allah (which super-ceded many of the first “immutable” words, but don’t let on, unless you want even more offended Muslims) during the flight from Mecca in 622.

The fifth pillar of Islam makes it incumbent for a Muslim to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, called “Hajj” at least once in their lifetime. Again it is a sacred duty, and millions of Muslims make the pilgrimage to Mecca every year.

It is forbidden for non-believers – dirty kuffars – to enter Mecca and Medina, as commanded by the Islamic Prophet Mohammed himself. In 2007, three French tourists were slain for having the affront to rest in a Muslim-only area. 

That non-believers are barred from entering the two most sacred sites in Islam is a clear indication of how the non-believer is regarded in Islam. There isn’t another religion in the world that treats non-believers this way, I cannot imagine the Vatican City, or Bethlehem or Jerusalem, important places to Jews and Christians, ever declaring that non-believers are forbidden to enter, indeed, these places are visited by millions of people from a variety of creeds every year.

I assert that this deplorable treatment of non-believers and the underlining of the shahada with a sword on the flag of the heart of Islam offers yet more proof that Islam categorically is not a religion of peace and it’s time all non-believers start to understand the clear messages being sent from Saudi Arabia.