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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tonight (1st June) in the Green Arrow Paltalk Room

Tonight (1st June) in the Green Arrow Paltalk Room

Been a little bit of a debate going on in the Green Arrow paltalk room over whether not the Americans did actually put a man on on the moon back in 69.  Now I for one firmly believe they did but there are others who say they have read and seen evidence that proves that it was all filmed in someone's garage and have the evidence to prove it.

So as a break from talking about politics, bread making machines, vegetables and each other, Bertie Bert will be playing in ten minute segments a rather interesting video that he has come across interspersed with discussion about the segments viewed.

Now having done a bit of research into this and reading just what Professor Van Halen said himself about how the astronauts could have passed through the radiation belt without harm, then that is one of the "irrefutable" pieces of evidence of those who says it did not happened destroyed for a start.

Then again in these days, in which we know that government DO lie and lie constantly for different reasons, it is difficult to know what is the truth and what is not and so I for one am looking to forward to watching and listening.

If you think you can contribute to this debate then be there for the start at 2000hrs GMT this evening.

By the way for those of you still interested in the ongoing saga of Violet Elizabeth Bennett, then you can go visit it  BNP Truth Chronicles.  I had a bit of a laugh actually when Violet contacted me and asked for a chance to visit the Green Arrow Paltalk room to show how how honest and decent he was.

Well I am afraid he lost the right to anything, when he betrayed not just his party and kinsmen but also his country whilst posting the home address of an 88 year old lady to attack me personally.  This statement from him had me rolling in stitches.
In terms of my behaviour, that has always remained consistent. I'm calm and professional until threatened with violence, abused, lied about, slandered or libeled. Then I hit back - often hard. If people don't like the way I fight, don't pick fights with me, fight dirty and think I will roll over. I won't.
Like I said, he had me rolling in stitches.  Just go now Judas. You have done what you were paid for and you are now history.