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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The United Nationalist Nations (UNN) And The Eight Percent Minority

The United Nationalist Nations (UNN) And The Eight Percent Minority

This introduction to the UNN, is a concise, and uncomplicated offer to all people of European origin. In particular, to ordinary people from across the cultural, political, and religious spectrum that has resulted in centuries of division and pointless wars and conflicts.

The United Nationalist Nations is strictly Non-Political, and requires nothing more than five people to administer it, which it has now employed. It will never take sides in party political life, and requires only financial support from individuals, or blocks of individuals.  Whether the reader is a political leader, or activist, a working man or woman, or one of the millions of disparate and concerned diaspora of Europeans, whose ancestors built the region you currently live in, this organisation will speak for you.

There will be no requirement for left or right rhetoric and dogma, or advice from people whose egos are bigger than our need for survival. There is a simplicity, and an uncomplicated structure of five Founders and they will administer the whole project, and it's financial requirements. To this end, support is achieved through the equivalent of just 25 pence per week. Supporting the UNN is based on a non-partisan, non-political basis, whereby ALL those seriously wishing that the peoples of the Western World are sustained, supported, and have legal redress to corroborated problems that may result in their losing homes, jobs, or being coerced into accepting a way of life oppressive to them, can find a legally accepted voice through the first ever, Ambassador For The People Of European Origin.

Immediately upon initially promoting the UNN in basic format, the Founders unsurprisingly came across road blocks and potential infiltrators. Hence the trap was quickly entered by those wishing to ensure we, the original peoples of this region upon earth, and other areas we have settled in for centuries, have no voice in the New World Order.

The Founders are glad to say, it was obvious, and we will continue this project regardless of those opposed to our survival and eventual renaissance.

Within one year, we intend to reach one million people, and thus, as we insist on a low membership and support fee of 25 pence per individual per week, or £13 per annum, our aim is to supply our people with an organisation and infrastructure able to fund £13,000,000 worth of legal aid, educational support, food where necessary, and legal redress to those mentioned above. Funds will also be used to feed those who are struggling on a daily basis, such as the elderly and very young, whose families cannot find the income to do so.

The uncomplicated structure of the United Nationalist Nations, with just five salaries to be paid when funds allow, and very little Red-Tape needed as such, will not become a burden upon those who have contributed.

Millions of people around the world of European origin, are as we speak, suffering disgraceful, desperate and lonely lives. Over 30,000 elderly people in Britain alone, let alone our people elsewhere, are dying from cold each year. Britain is the world's fourth largest economy (apparently), and these figures are almost of Third World proportions in the 21st Century.

By mobilising under the UNN banner, this could be tackled through the already alert, and politically aware Nationalists. Other problems that could be tackled are threats to our freedoms. We do not particularly need political parties to tackle this, as seemingly, it is the very presence of Nationalist political parties on the election scene in many of our nations that, has resulted in jail, threats of jail, intimidation and wholesale electoral fraud. If a cultural or political leader, activist or other, is under threat of jail or legal action, then the UNN in it's role as a Human Rights organisation, would be there to support and lobby for the rights of both the activist, leader, and/or the family if and when required. As a world minority of just eight per cent, we have rights, and will fight for them.

A giant lobbying system would also become available for our people. Imagine if you will, a lady or gentleman, allegedly jailed, or threatened with jail, because they simply could not pay their bills, or were being hounded out of their home for whatever reason. The United Nationalist Nations would draw upon millions of people, supporters, and members, and LOBBY just as other ethnic and socio-cultural groups do almost daily somewhere on earth.

A system such as this, could then gather even more support, especially when countless millions realise that this really does happen, and the people of European and British origin, have never had support or help from anywhere... until now. Within a few short, and turbulent years, even those Journalists and weak minded politicians or community leaders, who wrote ugly and smear filled rubbish about Nationalists, and generally treated Europeans and Britons with contempt, will have had their salaries smashed, and their pensions turned to dust.

Then we will see support from as now, unlikely sources. They too have families, and as life gets harder, and international criminal enterprises get stronger in the guise of Global Warming and Aid organisations, the whole world will be looking beyond national politics for an answer. The international cabal of financiers and war-mongers, will not expect such a combined intellectual attack, and it will become harder for them to standardise our lives, and usurp our ancient rights and many cultures. We as a people, are being de-democratised, de-humanised, and our traditions and political power is being crushed. Thus, we now require an addition to the political process, and one that cannot, and will not be hi-jacked, or shoved onto a road that leads nowhere. The UNN will provide a complete and complimentary infrastructure that includes all of the above and more.

There will be a gathering of the masses of ancient European peoples, under the United Nationalist Nations banner. Those masses remember, all have similar socio-cultural traditions, commercial, and educative requirements, not to mention financial security and worthwhile careers they and we have fought long and hard to keep.

Below is the potential order with which we will construct the UNN:

1 - Establish an Embassy with it's own Ambassador, diplomatic procedures and infrastructure. Inform world leaders and institutions including the world media, as to our intentions in this as yet basic, and fledgling guise.

2 - Communicate with our Nationalist cultural and political leaders, their organisations and members, already concerned enough to have been active. Promote on websites everywhere, the intention of the UNN to leglly support international treaties that lobby for Human Rights, and to include pro-Caucasian sustenance and traditional values and rights to resources and land.

3 - Respectfully request that ALL nationalist leaders ratify the UNN treaty, and immediately contact members and supporters via their organisational literature and websites. No political or cultural leader, or any large financial donor(s) will expect to take control, or divert the UNN for financial gain. The five founders will protect it at every level.

4 - Ensure a solid financial and intellectual base is installed, and clearly understood by everyone. Transparency will be clear and easy to process. All members whether individual, or as a block membership or families, will be able to view accounts professionally documented under national and international law. Membership is private, and as the UNN is non-profit, and non-political, and could ultimately become a registered charity, privacy is guaranteed and legally acceptable with or without membership status. Card carrying members and financial supporters are considered equal, therefore no list is required for public domain.

5 - Create a date and time for the first inaugural UNN conference. This will only be relevant with sufficient numbers joining, and or enough funds offered by way of donations. There will be no ''Committees'' required when the UNN is up and running, as these can lead to take-overs, and distraction from our core principles and constitution. Committees also offer untold options for in-fighting, or to destroy the organisation by block-voting, or infiltration by those opposed to our survival. 

6 - Through the basic structure of each interested individual or organisational website, create links to the UNN basic site, or by then, professional website. Personal choice is important, no political agendas are expressed, and when the UNN site is viewed, people can make their own minds up about membership and/or support. 

7 - Implement an international strategy for action, and a more sophisticated constitution in all European languages. This strategy will include a ''Socio-Political Rescue Plan''. This will mean using funds as a lobby and human rights group, to oppose political exclusion of any individual whose party of choice is no longer available to them through state oppression and ''third party'' attacks, either physically or via wealthy ''Horse Whipserers'' behind the scenes.

8 - Establish the University Of Ancient European Peoples online initially. This will help redress the propaganda and levelling off of standards in British and European facilities. The UNN University will utilise its broad based collective and once again, educate Western youth to the degree our parents and grand-parents once knew.

9 - The UNN will eventually create a private, legally administered bank. Something along the lines of the Bank Of Ancient European Peoples for instance, will enable the UNN to employ professionals. Some of whom may have been sidelined by positive discrimination and lack of opportunities. A financial operation that is mutually beneficial, could provide emergency loans, and very low interest loans, would ensure that millions could enjoy the benefits of actually doing what others can only do chained up in perpetual internationalist debt.

10 - legal teams will be employed to activate, or re-activate the rights of individuals or lobbying groups officially supporting the UNN. The legal department will lobby and tackle the UN, and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on their lack of integrity when it comes to protecting the rights of Caucasian peoples. We will lobby and legally redress the state of our rights to keep our communities indigenous, and retain land, work, and homes that have been held by our families for generations. The UNN will work on behalf of ALL peoples of European origin wherever they are. The papering over of our rights by disregarding for instance, the English Bill Of Rights, The Magna Carta, and The Act Of Settlement in the UK, will be fought, highlighted, and taken to the highest courts, including our own. Our own legal institution will be funded via the initial UNN donations and membership income when funding allows this to happen.

11 - The UNN will lobby for the rights of ''Heads of Families'', provisionally one out of every 100 families in any region, to bare arms for protection of said community. The alien laws of recent years, have meant many cannot now protect their own families, homes, or businesses, when dangerous and violent criminals attack them.

12 - The UNN will respectfully request that the UN, all world leaders, the EU and NATO, officially recognise the UNN as a fully legal entity through its embassy and Ambassador. If this request is ignored, the UNN will lobby exactly as described herein. No internationally engineered ''condemnation'' of our own Human Rights and lobby group by the elites and their hired mouthpieces, will be allowed to have any impact on our project. Many countries have continued to control their own socio-cultural, and socio-political agendas.

Other peoples can take control of their immigration policy, their business and trading partners, and have suitably and rightly rendered useless, any opposition regarding these important rights. China, Israel, India, Pakistan, and many countries in Africa, have protected their cultures, religions, and ethnic ancestry. National policies are rightly protective, and create healthy self-governance for untold future generations to come. Their right is our right also. At merely 8 percent of this planet's inhabitants, we will take that right as an official world minority.