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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Victims of the silence of the PC Media

Victims of the silence

Johan Strydom (South Africa) and Shane McClellan (USA)
A few days ago hundreds of mourners gathered to grieve following the death of Johan Strydom, who was murdered at his farm near Parys in South Africa's Free State on the 15th of May. Strydom's popularity in life was clear from the numbers attending his funeral, many standing in the doorway of the overcrowded Dutch Hervormd Church in Parys as there were insufficient chairs to seat them all.
Johan Strydom's funeral

Now further details of the violent nature of the amiable Afrikaner farmer's death after he was hijacked at his farm gate have been revealed. Strydom suffered a burst liver, damage to his skull, and extensive “dragging injuries", following being chained face down behind his truck and dragged around his farm by one ankle. Medical reports reveal that he was alive whilst being dragged.
This is the second incident this year where a white South African has been carjacked, tied behind his own vehicle and then dragged. A young man was the victim of just such an attack only a few moths ago in that increasingly violent country. He survived, but with injuries which will take years to recover, if they ever do.

Unless you live in South Africa, this is most probably the first you have heard of either of these cases, indeed few in South Africa know of the first incident, as it has gone virtually unreported I only know of it because I was sent photographs of the young man's injuries, which I can not possibly publish here, and which I will probably never forget having seen.

However, as with so many of the horrors which have happened in South Africa in recent years, such as the ghastly, probably muti related, murders of 77 year old Alice Lotter and her 57 year old daughter Helen, who's horrific torture included their genitals being mutilated with shards of broken glass, before, whilst still alive their breasts were cut off and used to write anti-white hate slogans on the walls, news of anti-white hate crime continues to be suppressed.

Compare this with the case of James Byrd jnr. Who was tied to the back of a truck in Texas and dragged to his death in very similar circumstances to the two cases in South Africa this year, the only difference being that Byrd was black and his attackers were white. It was because of the colour combination Byrd's murder became a world wide news story, and “teachable event” in every school across America, and it is equally because of the colour combination that the South African hate crimes are being suppressed.

It is not just news from South Africa which is deliberately not reported, the press is also silent about anti-white hate crimes closer to home. Infamously within the Nationalist community, but almost unknown in the wider US population, the the savage 2007 rape and murder of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian by five African Americans went almost unreported outside Knoxville where they took place, even while one by one their rapists and killers were tried and convicted, the most recent case ending this month. Similar limited reporting applied to the 2002 slaying of four young whites (a fifth escaped by playing dead) by African American brothers Jonathan and Reginald Carr, or more recently to the killings in Pearcy reported here by

However, these cases only scratch the surface of the epidemic of anti-white hate crimes across America, which the police are not permitted to prosecute as hate crimes, because the victims are from a group denied hate crime protection (white people), and which the media refuses to report outside the local news, if they report them at all.

Only this week Shane McClellan a 16 year old white youth was allegedly kidnapped and beaten for hours by a group of black men, who Shane claims used repeated racial slurs and told him they were doing it because he was white. Maybe that is why the case has hardly been reported outside the local Seattle news.

Shane's father, Tim McClellan said he barely recognized his son after the brutal assault, adding "I didn't know if he was alive or dead,"

Of course, at this stage, allegations remain allegations, however, can you just imagine how those two propaganda organs of which Joseph Goebbels would be proud, CNN and MSNBC, would be screaming had such allegations been made by a black person against a group of whites. (Remember Duke Lacrosse?)

Even when cases do make the national news, such as the carjacking and murder of North Carolina student Eve Carson by two black youths the race of her attackers is treated as incidental. (I wonder how many black women were carjacked let alone murdered by white gangs in recent years? None, I'd guess, otherwise we would certainly have heard of it.)

Likewise, when committed white Obama supporter Kirsten Brydum was shot dead whilst spreading the word of “Change” in a black neighbourhood of New Orleans, in 2008 she was reported as being "in the wrong place at the wrong time". No mainstream news organisation in America would dare to add that any time is the wrong time for a white person, let alone a white woman, to be in a black area – alone or otherwise.

If you lived on a remote Island in the South Atlantic and you read the crime news on the main US news websites, you could be forgiven for believing that violent crime in America was a multi-racial activity, with, if anything, whites being marginally more prone to criminal activity than other races. Indeed, if you ignored the news and formed your opinion of criminal perpetration on the basis of what you see in US Cop shows, you would be led to believe that crime in general is an overwhelmingly a white perpetrator activity.

However, the truth is very different from the carefully nurtured fiction. here are some figures:

In 2006, the incarceration rate in state or federal prison or jail for men was 1,384 per 100,000 residents, for women 134 per 100,000 residents. The rate for white men was 736 per 100,000, for black men 4,789 per 100,000, for Hispanic men 1,862 per 100,000. The rate for white women was 94 per 100,000, for black women 358 per 100,000, and for Hispanic women 152 per 100,000. (i)

Of the 249,400 state prison inmates serving time for drug offenses at year end 2004, 112,500 (45.1%) were black, 51,800 (20.8%) were Hispanic, and 65,900 (26.4%) were white. (ii)

At midyear 2006 more black men (836,800) were in custody in State or Federal prison or local jail than white men (718,100) or Hispanic men (426,900). Black men comprised 41% of the more than 2 million men in custody, and black men age 20 to 29 comprised 15.5% of all men in custody on June 30, 2006. my source, which I have quoted below, and which I am quoting verbatim states "Relative to their numbers in the general population, about 4.8% of all black men were in custody at midyear 2006, compared to about 0.7% of white men and 1.9% of Hispanic men. Overall, black men were incarcerated at 6.5 times the rate of white men. The incarceration rate for black men was highest among black men age 25 to 29. About 11.7% of black males in this age group were incarcerated on June 30, 2006. Across age groups black men were between 5.7 and 8.5 times more likely than white men to be incarcerated." (iii)

As you read that, you can almost hear the cry, “That is because of racism within the legal system and the fact that more blacks live in poverty and social deprivation!”

Wrong on both counts.

The reality is that politically correct law enforcement bends over backwards to avoid racial profiling, as shown by the shrieks of horror by various senior policemen following the new Arizona law requirements to merely check the legal status of suspects. Meanwhile courts in America go to great lengths not to disadvantage black or Hispanic defendants, whereas statistically, black and mixed race juries are significantly less likely to convict black defendants, especially if the victim was white, than white jurors are in the case of white defendants (iv)

The claim that poverty is the reason why more blacks offend also does not stand up to scrutiny. According to the most recent reliable figures (okay Wikipedia) the population of America stands at around 308,672,000 66% of whom (roughly 203,723,520) are white, 14% (about 43,214,080) are African American and 15% (46,300,800) are Hispanic, the remaining 5% being made up of groups such as Asians, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders.

When it comes to poverty the figures state that “only” 8.2% of the US white population live in poverty, compared to 24.7% of blacks. (v) This statistical imbalance is frequently used by liberals to excuse the higher numerical rates of offending amongst blacks and Hispanics. However, this is entirely misleading, and does not make any sense when you actually look at the ethnic make up of those living in poverty.

8.2% of 203,723,520 means that 16,705,328 white Americans are living in poverty, whereas despite the much quoted higher percentage rate 24.7% of 43,214,080 means that 10,673,877 are living in poverty, a significantly smaller number of people.

If poverty was the key to offending you would expect to see whites committing 16 crimes for every 10 committed by black people, however, outside the whacky parallel universe, as portrayed by CBS, that is not what we see.

Likewise, hate crimes are, to a massively disproportionate degree, something which happens to white people, that truth is merely hidden by legal system which refuses to call such crimes by their true name and by a media which fails to report them.

What we see in America we are seeing here in Europe, yet we are not allowed to say so.

We have reached a point in our society where the truth can not be acknowledged if it does not comply with an ideological narrative, despite the fact that the narrative is a lie. It is the silence of the reporters which gives succour to the lie and imperils its victims, for how many lives could have been saved had they had, at least been warned of the danger?


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