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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Military Parade Cancelled because It Was Not Diverse Enough or It “Offended Muslims”

Liverpool Military Parade Cancelled because It Was Not Diverse Enough or It “Offended Muslims”

In yet another example of the insanity which pervades ConDemLab Britain, the eighth annual Liverpool Military Show has been cancelled because it was not “diverse enough” and it had the potential to offend Muslims in Merseyside.
According to local media reports, the annual charity event was cancelled after the Labour Party-controlled town hall withdrew an £8,000 funding grant allegedly because it didn't meet their "diversity criteria.”
A local newspaper quoted a spokesman for the Liverpool Military Show as saying that the event organisers had tried to meet the “equality and diversity standards” by including a “transsexual soldier” in the parade.
The event was to have taken place last Saturday and would have included a memorial service to fallen war heroes. A large number of armed forces personnel and equipment, due to take part in the parade, had to stand down because of the last minute cancellation.
Last year's show raised £13,000 for the Army Benevolent Fund, Combat Stress, St John Ambulance and the Army Cadet Force.
This year, however, organisers said they were told that the show did not "score highly enough" on Liverpool City Council's "diversity scale" to justify funding from the arts and culture budget.
The decision to pull funding to the army charity event contrasts strongly with the decision a week earlier by Liverpool City Council to give £80,000 to fund the Liverpool "Homotopia" festival in August and the "IDAHO" Gay Pride festival which celebrates an "International Day against Homophobia.”
Liverpool war hero Peter Dunning, who lost both his legs while serving with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan, was quoted in a newspaper as saying the decision was "a disgrace.
"The council are just afraid of a Muslim backlash, similar to the protests in London last year,” Mr Dunning was quoted as saying.
So it goes: the colonisation of Britain by Islam will mean the replacement of British culture, heritage and traditions with that of the colonising force. Only the British National Party stands against this destruction of all that is Britain.